Add a touch of magic to a bedroom in 10 easy moves

Leigh Leigh
FattoreQ fabbrica Eclectic style bedroom
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From the bed to the furniture, from lighting to textiles – there are so many ways to refresh the bedroom, giving it a touch of magic! A few changes can make it seem like a totally different space, even if it is structurally the same.

Today, we are going to precisely show you how to achieve that! 

This article features big and small tricks for restyling one of the most important rooms in the house.

1. Adhesives and paintings

Let's Surf Pixers Eclectic style bedroom Multicolored

Let's Surf


The wall is the best space for all sorts of creativity! Use it to add a unique look to your bedroom. Wall stickers, pictures and wallpaper are just some of the many solutions.

2. Focus on the headboard

Fulham Penthouse Yohan May Design Modern style bedroom
Yohan May Design

Fulham Penthouse

Yohan May Design

From the classic quilted headboard to the more shabby-chic made from wood, the headboard can add dynamic detail to the sleeping space. 

If your bedroom is a minimalist design, the headboard can become the star of the show!

Have a look at 38 of the most original headboards ever.

3. Mirrors and accessories

Let us now focus on the details – accessories can change the whole look and feel of the bedroom.

Mirrors for example, can introduce functionality and charm to the bedroom all at the same time. Also use perfumes and ornaments to create a gorgeous environment.

4. Screens

This feature is very much back in vogue. It brings a retro and stylish touch to any bedroom!

5. Walls full of character

Change the tiles, wallpaper or cladding on your walls to refresh your bedroom space. 

Stone cladding, for example, can create a very rustic, earthy and warm environment.

In this design, we can also see how textured wallpaper creates a unique setting.

6. A small corner for relaxation

Why not reserve a small corner of the room, if size allows, for relaxation? Opt for rocking chairs, table and floor lamps or a comfortable armchair.

7. Textiles play their part

For a gorgeous bedroom, don't neglect the bed linen or the curtains. These are wonderful tools for introducing style and charm. 

You can even add some bright, patterned or colourful cushions for a dreamy atmosphere.

8. Creative storage

Your bedroom doesn't have to be ordinary. Get creative!

In this bedroom by designers FattoreQ Comunicare Cultura, we can see how two cables hang from the ceiling with a wooden pipe, creating a very appealing hanger.

A ladder also rests in the corner of the room, hanging up the towels in a very stylish and sophisticated way!

9. A metallic touch

The key word in this room is copper! Used here and there, it creates a very magical and trendy environment.

10. DIY lighting

Focusing on customized lighting technology is always a great idea. It can make for a very magical bedroom.

Use neon signs or custom spotlights to create a romantic and peaceful ambiance. 

Also have a look at these 12 common bedroom mistakes that are easy to avoid.

How will you add a touch of magic to your bedroom?

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