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If you are gearing up to get on the property ladder, you will naturally be concerned to find out what types of homes you can afford and what they can offer you! In a dream world, you'd be able to buy one home and stay there forever, as who actually likes moving house? But in reality, so many people simply plump for the first property that they can afford! With Canada's housing market being insane right now, we understand the desire to buy and get on with things, but you need to know that you will qualify for a mortgage first!

According this report by the Real Estate Board of Canada, there are a number of issues that first time buyers, like yourself, should be aware of, most notably a few changes that make it look as though it could be harder than ever to actually buy. Newly stringent mortgage rules, increased default insurance and an anticipated rise in interest rates are the most prevalent amongst them, but let's not forget that it will be a while until all of these come into full effect! When they do, however, you might find yourself having to compromise on a few issues, as it will be harder than ever to successfully apply for a mortgage. If you are in a position to buy soon and have a decent downpayment behind you, then you will be in an advantageous position over many other first time buyers, that's for sure!

Areas that look set to be heavily affected include Vancouver and Toronto, where small family homes look to already be in short supply and with these new rules coming into effect, many first time buyers look set to be nudged out of the market completely, making communities a little further afield, such as the Greater Golden Horseshoe, far more popular. 

We don't want to deter you, however, so we have found some super homes to show you today, which might convince you that a smaller, more modest first time purchase is the way to go. Let's take a look and see what some talented architects around the world have been masterminding!

1. Modest and modern.

If you want a modern-looking home, but don't want to bankrupt yourself before you even get started, a home such as this one could be the perfect solution. With a large garden, there is even scope for extension, if it becomes necessary. 

See a little more about this home, here:…

2. Sweet and petite.

Ok, so this home doesn't have a home gym or a private swimming pool, but it IS charming and big enough for a growing family. A simple design means that you would be looking at a smaller price tag and you might be surprised by how many bedrooms there are here.

See more about this home, here:… .

3. Grand but simple.

If you want a home that really says a lot about you, perhaps you might be better off buying a plot of land and having something totally custom built for you? If you keep the design simple and the exterior finishes reasonably-priced, you might find that something like this beautiful boxy home wouldn't be out of your price range!

4. Cost-effective construction.

One of the most effective ways to get more for your money is to consider a prefabricated home. Designed and built off site, they are transported in and erected by a team of experts in a fraction of the time that it would take to build a standard home. Speed is often akin to cost, so this could work so well and prefabs aren't the strange little buildings that they once were!

Take a look at this beautiful prefabricated home, here:…

5. Everything included.

If you're panicking that you won't be able to afford a home with everything you need, it;'s time to take stock of the important things. This home was designed to include a certain number of bedrooms and an integrated garage and it looks lovely! It might not be the biggest you've ever seen, but it is still charming!

See more of it, here:…

6. Small and functional.

From the outside, you might think that this home would be too small for you and no, it isn't exactly a mansion, but it was phenomenally cost-effective to build, is as pretty as a picture and would be a wonderful first buy! What if we told you that a family of four lives here comfortably, with open-plan spaces designed to maximise the perceived area? We thought that might get your attention!

7. Future-proof and fabulous.

Now THIS is a first time buy that you can't ignore! Stylish and with enough space inside for a growing family, it has even taken environmental concerns into play as well, meaning that it is a home that wouldn't cost a fortune to run! Any additions such as solar panels will have a huge impact on your monthly outgoings and could mean that your mortgage feels a little more manageable. 

See more from this home, here:…

8. One-storey heaven.

When you're looking to buy a home for the first time, it's easy to get caught up thinking that you need to find a property that has two floors, a garage, and all the other trappings that family homes tend to offer, but why be so constrained? Think a little outside the box and you might find that for less money, you can buy a beautiful one-storey home! 

Be a little open-minded and check out this gorgeous home:…

9. A home for life.

Given the stringent rules that are coming into effect in Canada, why not think about saving up for a little longer, accruing a larger downpayment and buying the house that you can stay in forever? You don't need to go ver the top in terms of finishes and design, as a simple home with a decent amount of floor space can be renovated to your tastes later!

Check out this amazing home and think about how many times you really want to move:…

Which of these homes would be your idea of heaven?

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