A Bauhaus-style house designed for two

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There is nothing more inspiring that exploring a modern and contemporary home and seeing just how much beauty there is when it comes to architecture, design and decor.

This is why we are delighted to bring you this home today, by architects FINGERHAUS GMBH. We will explore it from the outside in, gaining some insight and tips and tricks for our own homes!

The aim with this building was to include plenty of sun, air and light in the design. They've thus opted for a pitched roof, which makes the interior space feel large, spacious and light as well as plenty of glass surfaces throughout the facade.

You'll also notice how the stone floors and white walls accentuate the spaciousness and brightness too!

Shall we take a closer look?

Clean lines

The home is large and spacious but it features simple, clean lines and flat roof, which makes for a very understated look and feel. This is further enhanced by the grey and white tones.

The home rests on a large property with living areas that spill out onto spacious terrace and balcony areas. This extends the living spaces outdoors, allowing for the beauty that surrounds this home to truly be enjoyed.

A sight to behold

From this angle, we can see how impressively large and expansive this home is. The right side of the structure features a more open design with the balconies, terraces and large glass windows and doors. The left side of the structure is more private, with solid white walls.

From this angle, we can see how the neat garden and landscaped lawn enhances the crisp white walls and grey finishes. Remember that your garden plays a huge role in the exterior look and feel of a home!

The front of the house

The front of the house features a spacious driveway and a double garage where cars, bicycles and other items can be stored neatly out of sight. This makes for a very clean and simple facade!

Here we can also see how the dramatic slope of the roof makes for a gorgeous architectural shape, while the white and grey tones create a sense of elegance and sophistication.

The sweetest entrance

The entrance is simple with a grey door and a glass window. However the welcome mat and large pot plant makes for a very warm and attractive design that envelopes guests and visitors in charm. Do you see how the simple details can make a huge difference?

The lights in the ceiling also ensure that the entrance welcomes family and friends, even in the evening.

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Panoramic views

From this angle, we can see how the spacious terraces and balcony as well as the home itself faces beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. The architects have kept this in mind, making the absolute most of the surrounds. 

Don't you love the combination of stone tiles and grass in this area of the home?

Interior delight

If head inside the home, we come across very simple, clean and minimalist rooms that make the most of natural light. In the dining room we can see how the wooden table complements the white and black chairs, as well as the white walls and floors throughout the rest of the living space.  

Sunlight streams in through the large glass windows and doors, creating a homely and naturally warm environment.

The savvy kitchen

The kitchen is very sleek with white and silver adding a contemporary touch. However, the dominant material is wood, which ensures that this space still feels warm and cozy.

Do you see how plenty of storage ensures that this room is functional and organized?

Luxury living

The living room takes on a more edgy design with its black and white tones. Do you see how the sleek leather chairs contrast with the plush rug for a unique balance between style and comfort?

The charming staircase

This is a wonderful example of how a functional element can be used to bring a dynamic design to a home!

A staircase helps us get between floors in a house but it also creates a beautiful design feature. Don't you love the geometric lines and unique shape of the stairs?

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A modern bedroom

The bedroom is very soothing and peaceful with its neutral tones and sunshine that flows in through the large glass windows and doors. 

A piece of artwork and a sculpture in the corner of the room introduces personality and charm.

Remember that your bedroom is your little haven so it should feature items that speak to you personality!

An energetic bathroom

The designers have had some fun with the bathroom design, painting one of the walls a bright lime green. This doesn't overwhelm the space but injects some vibrancy and charm into the space.

Tip: Add a pot plant to a bathroom for an invigorating splash of life!

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