Beautiful ways to refresh your bedroom this spring

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427 Canals Sonata Design Modern style bedroom
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Spring has sprung again guys, which means that you might be looking to give your bedroom a fun and flirty little refresh and wow, do we have some great ideas for how you can do that! Don't worry, we aren't going to give you a list of projects that will take so long to complete that by the time you've finished them all, it's winter again, but we do have a few piquant suggestions, inspired by amazing interior designers, which we think you'll enjoy experimenting with! Let's take a look!

1. Update your bedding.

Quick, simple and inexpensive, new bedding will freshen up any bedroom and turn it into a spring spectacular! Florals and pastels always work well!

2. Add a little sparkle.

With the sun in the sky, you need some glitz in your bedroom as well! How you embrace it is totally up to you, but we love mirrored furniture and glam light fixtures.

3. Reflect the spring light.

How about adding a gorgeous wall mirror to your bedroom, opposite your window, so any spring sunshine that pours in will be reflected into every nook and cranny? Simple, but effective!

4. Add some art!

You'll be shocked at what an impact some simple wall art can have, but trust us; it's HUGE! You don't have to go all out with sunny snaps, but add a few new pictures that lift the whole gallery!

5. How about a little seating?

We all seem to get a little more energetic in spring, so why not add a sweet little seat to your space, which will be perfect for perching on as you pop your sandals on? Choose a luxe fabric and it will look great all year round!

You simply HAVE to see more of this amazing home, so check it out, here:…

You don't even have to go too crazy, as a simple pouffe will work too!

6. Inject some nature.

PLANTS! That's what every room in your home, not just your bedroom, needs in spring! Cast your fears of killing everything green aside and grab some large varieties, such as yuccas or palms and really enjoy the invigorated air!

7. Freshen up the drapes.

12 Tommy Prince Road SW Sonata Design Modern style bedroom
Sonata Design

12 Tommy Prince Road SW

Sonata Design

The colder months necessitate some heavy curtains, to help keep draughts out and heat in, but in spring, you can pack those dusty drapes away and embrace something a little lighter. You could even just go for blinds! 

We found a wealth of stunning spring textiles in this home:…

8. Try a new bed frame.

This is a tip that's perfect for all of you that are in need of a change! If you've been thinking about  anew bed for some time, why not go for it, in spring? You can combine the removal of your old bed with a really deep clean and then start afresh with your new frame.

9. Or just replace the headboard.

King of Cotton's Beds & Headboards King of Cotton BedroomBeds & headboards
King of Cotton

King of Cotton's Beds & Headboards

King of Cotton

You could always just replace your headboard though! Why not have a couple, with one stored in an attic or garage space when not in use, so you can have something deep-pile and luxurious for winter and then light and fun for spring? A pallet headboard could be perfect!

Which of these ideas are getting you in the spring mood?

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