7 prefab homes designed to soothe your allergies

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Schwabenhaus relies on allergy-friendly technologies and environmentally compatible raw materials to construct its Biohaus homes – 7 of which you'll see below.

Creating a pleasant, pollen-free climate within your own four walls is particularly important – and at the same time a major challenge. 

Thanks to controlled ventilation and pollen filters, allergy-prone residents of a Swabian house can breathe easy at any time of the year. In order to ensure an optimum indoor climate, the Schwabenhaus's prefabricated houses are equipped with a controlled aeration and ventilation system with heat recovery, which ensures continuous fresh air supply. Even without opening the windows, all the air in the house is recirculated every three hours.


​Another plus for allergy sufferers

The optionally integrable dust and pollen filter cleans the air and protects them at home from annoying allergy symptoms. The underfloor heating system, specially developed for low-temperature heating systems, distributes the heat optimally in the room without swirling dust and other dirt particles.

​Wood is good for your health

As a base material for its houses, Schwabenhaus uses the renewable wood harvested by sustainable German forestry companies. The company relies exclusively on dried wood with a wood moisture content of only 15 percent, thus dispensing with any kind of wood preservative – and thus unnecessary chemistry. Schwabenhaus also processes ecological materials and carries out rigorous tests to ensure that the specified limits are adhered to.

An organic house? Say what!

Kristine Werner, Marketing Director at Schwabenhaus, explains: Ecology in house construction has been a matter of heart for us for many years. Accordingly, the Biohaus has established itself as a central component of our portfolio. Many builders pay attention to a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We would like to give them the opportunity to remain faithful to their principles in house construction. Therefore, it is particularly important to us that all builders can benefit from the advantages of an organic house without additional costs.  

Award-winning designs

The prefabricated buildings of Schwabenhaus have been awarded with the Toxproof seal as well as the TÜV certificate Allergy-friendly house with regard to the pollutant emission values. The insulation materials used in the wall, ceiling and roof area are certified with the Blue Angel.

Prefab fabulous

The Biohaus comes in a variety of designs from more boxy Bauhaus structures to cottage-style homes.

If you are a fan of German prefabricated houses, check out this neatly packaged gem.

The allergy-fighting house

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