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A traditional yet contemporary house

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Don't get us wrong; we have some AMAZING houses here in Canada, but every now and then, we like to cross the pond to have a look at what our friends around the world are calling home and today, we are going to show you a Dutch home that has absolutely mastered the perfect family home aesthetic! The architect that dreamt up this gorgeous design must have been having a seriously inspired day, as there is such a cool combination of rustic and traditional motifs, alongside undoubtedly contemporary design, but it all just works. Wait until you see how pretty the gardens are too, as they just prove that this home really does have it all!

Such curb appeal!

Wow! There's no denying that this home looks amazing, is there? So modern, practical and somehow traditional, all at the same time, this is a house that says welcome home. The building itself looks so generous, but with a simple façade, remains understated and elegant.

Check out those dormers.

We love the way that this is technically a one one-storey house design, but with dormer windows added in the roof, the loft space has been opened up to offer sumptuous bedrooms that can house an entire family. You get all the benefits of a two-story home, with none of the overbearing building size and those dormers? Well, they look fantastic, not to mention very Dutch too!

A handy extra section.

It might seem odd to include a little extension in a new build home project, right from the start, but it works so well for creating a lovely little segregated interior area, not to mention a multifaceted exterior! What an amazing home that constantly keeps you guessing, despite looking so simple at first glance! 

Monochrome styling that really works!

We'll never not love gorgeous houses that have been finished in a bold black and white style, but this one elevates things to the next level, with smooth white render and rustic black wood cladding contrasting and complementing each other in equal measure. It makes it so hard to actually date this home, which is fantastic!

Lovely green touches.

Just when you think that this house can't get anymore charming, you see that it also has a pretty little secluded terrace, complete with a plethora of greenery! Wooden decking and green plants really are the icing on the cake that is this already beautiful home!

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