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A German house that will make you yell, 'Ja, danke!'

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As soon as you see this wonderful German Huf home, we know that you'll be keen to embrace a little germanic culture and start yelling positive affirmations in the native tongue. Trust us, this house really is THAT exceptional! The architects that design these phenomenal Huf houses really do know what their clients want and in this case, it was definitely a modern and stylish home, filled with light and airy spaces. Come with us now and take a look how well the brief has been fulfilled and then, why not start planning your own Huf house? You know you want to!

From the street.

Large, modern and with just a little tinge of traditional chalet styling, this home makes a very definite statement, right form the outset! With such a striking façade in place, the structured and well manicured front garden is a lovely finishing touch that creates a super aesthetic.

At the back!

How divine is this rear view? Aside from the fact that the house is absolutely gorgeous in its own right, that pool is something else! Perfectly accessorized with a charming wooden terrace, this home looks ready for some serious summer fun, don't you agree?

Nighttime ambience at its best.

We just had to include this super shot of hoe the house looks at night! Exuding a warm light from the inside out, the property has such appeal but look at that neon lighting that surrounds the pool as well! Wow!

Light, bright and open.

What really strikes us about this interior is how airy, large and cool it feels. There is just such an honest freshness to the home, with every functional area blending into the next with a delicate ease. We can't get over how fantastic the windows and skylights are here either, as they draw in so much sunshine that seems to invigorate the simple décor.

Modest but marvellous.

It's very refreshing to find a home that is a generous size, but has opted for a more modest kitchen. It goes to show that more sociable areas were higher on the list of priorities, but function hasn't been negated at all! Though simple, this kitchen has a wealth of storage and usable surfaces and it looks perfect with the wider decorating scheme.

Every room's a winner.

If you were assuming that the bathrooms in this home must be a little bland, as all of the attention has been focussed on the more communal spaces, think again! Even in here, there is a resonance of classic and elegant design that is impossible to ignore. We love how everywhere in this home enjoys wonderfully proportioned layouts, thanks to the fantastic design process.

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