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Any Canadian worth their salt will know who The Tragically Hip, or The Hip, are, as they are one of the country's most popular rock bands that thrive on creating thought-provoking music with a bluesy undercurrent and we thought it might be fun to take a look at some of their song titles and imagine what kind of houses they could relate to! This really is an article for the hardcore fans! We're not going to be focusing on the stories of the songs that we've chosen, as they are so often melancholy topics, but instead, we are going to use the titles to evoke certain images of housing styles and we don't think any of the responsible architects will argue that we've not hit the nail on the head! It's not about the number of bedrooms on offer, this is as superficial as it's possible to get, so let's indulge and enjoy a little bit of frivolous fun!

Song 1: Machine.

We hear the word 'machine' and one thing comes to mind: industrial architecture! We think this fabulous one-storey industrial building really sums up the aesthetic and more than that, it's also gorgeous!

Song 2: Highway Girl.

Hmmmm, so what could 'highway girl' make us think of? A stunning home, located next to a min road, but wonderfully secluded from the street! This semi-camouflaged building really captures the vibe of the song title, don't you think?

Song 3: New Orleans Is Sinking.

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans studioWTA Eclectic style houses

Nashville Avenue Residence, New Orleans


Well this one wasn't exactly a stretch of the imagination, was it? Seriously though, who says you can't have a little traditional colonial New Orleans architecture up in good old Canada? Push the boundaries, thats what we say!

Song 4: Ahead By A Century.

Handsart Residence Exterior Unit 7 Architecture Modern houses
Unit 7 Architecture

Handsart Residence Exterior

Unit 7 Architecture

This song title made us think of one thing: future-proofed housing! With that in mind, we had to showcase this incredible eco home in Winnipeg. It has a perforated aluminum screen wrapping its exterior of the home. As the architects explain: In addition to reducing the amount of window coverings required in more private areas of the home, the aluminum screen provides effective solar shading. Not only does it look futuristic, but it keeps up with a contemporary, sustainable mindset that bears in mind the home’s energy footprint. Very cool! 

Song 5: My Music At Work.

4.5m yoga space, meditation room and music room gemma5 Eclectic style garden

4.5m yoga space, meditation room and music room


Now this is a home addition that could work with any style of home! A bespoke music studio is such a fantastic way to embellish an already fantastic house, especially one that has music lovers living inside of it!

Song 6: Wheat Kings.

We have gone a little avant garde here, as this is a VERY modern incarnation of a farmhouse, but what else could we choose to represent 'wheat kings'? We all know that farmers ARE wheat kings, so naturally, any style of farmhouse is a classic representation, but we are always keen to see contemporary twists on traditional homes.

For some extra amazing home inspiration, check out this home on the Canadian Prairie: Manning Cottage in Winnipeg. 

Song 7: Fifty Mission Cap

Fifty Mission Cap  tells the story of Toronto Maple Leaf Bill Barilko, who scored the team's Stanley Cup – winning goal in 1951. Months later, the 24-year-old's plane crashed in the wilds of Northern Ontario. His body would remain undiscovered for 11 years.

Our salute to the song and the Leafs is Mini Craven, located in Toronto's Tiny Town. 

Song 8: Grace, Too

You know the first line of the song: He said, I'm fabulously rich, come on just let's go! We bet he lives in a 12,000 square foot mansion in Johannesburg.

Song 9: Bobcaygeon

Lac St. Sixte Summer Residence Flynn Architect Modern terrace
Flynn Architect

Lac St. Sixte Summer Residence

Flynn Architect

This song takes its name from the Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario, in the heart of cottage country. It's a staple of summer in Canada, and a ear worm that you'll be humming all day.

This summer home, located in Lac La Sixte, Quebec, evokes the same feelings.

Lac St. Sixte Summer Residence Flynn Architect Modern houses
Flynn Architect

Lac St. Sixte Summer Residence

Flynn Architect
Which of these homes was your favorite?

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