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Dazzling lighting ideas for modern homes

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Each room of your home is a unique space in which we create different environments. 

While you can sleep fall asleep on the sofa in your living room every now and then, the truth is that to achieve real rest, you need the comfort and quiet of your bedroom.  What's more is that you've probably never cooked in your bedroom, or bathed in the kitchen. This is because for each activity that we do in our home, we need different facilities. For example, we need to cook in a well-lit area with a stove and ingredients readily available, while watching a movie certainly requires a darker and a more comfortable sitting room.

And without good lighting, a house it is not a home. But sometimes choosing the perfect lighting for each room is a difficult task, not only because there are many different types of lamps and lights as well as thousands of designs to choose from, but also because we sometimes forget how much of a difference light makes. 

But you should care because the intensity of the light can transform a beautiful place into a dark cave or create a place that is uncomfortable and too bright. 

So if you want to know what is important to consider when choosing lighting, then you're in the right place. Here are some tips and considerations that will help you to make every corner of your home shine through!

1. In the living room

The living room is the busiest areas in your home, besides the garden. It always need to be light, regardless of time of day and it needs to work with the rest of the home. 

The lighting in your living room should always be bright if possible and you should be able to control it. You can choose between installing large windows that allow natural light to flow into the room, or put lamps into the room that fit with the style of your home. In order to be able to control the light, do not forget to put up curtains in your room where you can have control of everything!

Also remember that your room may have different uses – from movie nights to entertaining with wine and cheese – so you can add different types of lamps to help you to always create the right ambiance. And if that isn't enough , you can install some decorative lamps to add personality to the environment.

2. Moments of light

The dining room is the space where we can enjoy special moments. Not only does it give us the chance to share food with family, but it also gives us the opportunity to share our daily experiences with family or our partners and even gives us a chance to discuss issues, make important decisions or listen to the advice and opinions of others. 

However, dynamics are different during the breakfast meal. For breakfast you need a room with lots of light so you can transmit the sun's energy into your day, while for dinner you can probably opt for a softer light to create a more relaxing space where you can forget about the discomforts of your work environment.

So the best thing you can do in your dining room is to install a reliable source of natural light, such as large windows or glass doors, so that in the morning you have the intensity needed to start the day and in the evening you can use some artificial light, as shown in the image. 

This dining room, by Lavradio Design, is the perfect example of a well-lit dining room.

3. Light up your recipes

 If we tried to prepare Christmas dinner in a kitchen where there was only half-light or near darkness, we would surely forget to add an ingredient, or it could turn out to be raw or burnt. 

It is therefore important to ensure that the kitchen lighting is clear, bright and consistent. The bright lights will be the best choice, although these soft amber lamps can help to create a more homely and warm environment. 

But because the kitchen has its own warmth, which comes from the oven, you don't have to work too hard to create this effect from the lighting. If you do want to make the room warmer, you can also use the tones and colours of the walls or the furniture to achieve this effect. Always look for strong and bright light, because it provides the visibility needed for cooking.

4. Lights off

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces, where you retire after a nice hot bath or to go to sleep, so in this room we suggest customised lighting. 

This space is where you can use all of your good ideas and really get creative! Add flashing lights to your walls or to your ceiling. 

Remember that you need to include lighting that will work for everything that you use your bedroom for, so if you are an avid reader do not forget to install a night light.

You can be truly innovative, like this design concept in the photograph.

5. Highlight the imagination

When we are young, our bedroom is a world of adventure and every nook and cranny is a chance to create a whole, new world.

But the dark is one of the scariest of times for children. So if you want your child to have adventures and pretend to be the king or queen of the household, then it is best to turn their bedroom into a room full of light. 

Remember that darkness is a friend to monsters and ghosts, so add some night lights that dim in the room, to make night time less terrifying . Light colours in the room will also help to reflect light, allowing the days to be filled with adventure and imagination.

6. The bathroom

The bathroom is the most personal space in the whole house. We need to have every accessory possible in this space to perform our daily activities. Sometimes we need a strong light so that we can see what we are doing when we put our make-up on, and sometimes soft lighting is needed for a relaxing atmosphere in the evenings. 

In this room you can play with the intensity of the light, figuring out what makes you feel comfortable. Remember that the lights close to the mirror will help you to see what is going on when you are shaving or doing your make-up. 

Starting your day in a cheerful, bright bathroom will give you a better attitude for the day.

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