Living room decor: 7 budget-friendly ideas

Leigh Leigh
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Decorating your living room is a very important step when it comes to transforming your home. After all, your living room will serve as the stage for many moments that you will share with family and friends for many years to come!

So how do you achieve the perfect living room without investing a lot of money? 

Today at homify, we have put together several ideas, tips and economic suggestions, which will allow you to have your dream living room!

Shall we take a look?

1. Line up your lamps

Whether they are on the ceiling, standing or on a table, lamps are very decorative pieces. They serve a dual-purpose of providing light and decor!

If you are fed up with your lamps, we suggest lining them up to create a uniform look and feel like we see here.

2. Use cushions

Cushions are great for a living room, injecting colour and life into the home. Opt for cushions that introduce your personality into the environment or recover them to change up the look and feel.

3. Recover old pieces of furniture

Sometimes decorative treasures lie in the furniture pieces themselves! Explore antique furniture shops or ask your grandparents if there is any furniture that they are no longer using. Revive these elements for a truly vintage look and feel.

4. Install shelves

Give more storage space to your living room by installing shelves. They don't have to be expensive or detailed. You can put books, picture frames and other elements on display! 

You can also install the shelves yourself, which is very economical.

5. Use wall stickers

Let the walls of your living room come alive with the application of wall stickers. They are very cheap and come in all sorts of styles, colours, shapes and patterns. You can even design your own!

This can make for a very beautiful and modern environment. When you get bored, simply replace!

6. A little DIY

Pallets are very fashionable at the moment. They look great and can be used for all sorts of design and decor. 

Why not use pallets for furniture in the living room? You can make a sofa, coffee table or bookcase. 

Have a look at this article: Woodworking: 6 things you can DIY with wooden pallets.

7. Bring some nature into your living room

Plants are perfect for decorating! Whether natural or artificial, the vibrant colours rejuvenate the room.

You can opt for smaller plants, vases of flowers or even indoor trees!

Which living room decor tips would you use?

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