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Creating your ideal barbecue patio

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To whom would it occur planning to build a barbecue with the UK winter in full grip? Someone who likes to anticipate, of course. So, if in the spring and summer we take pleasure in outdoor activities, such as drinking cocktails and eating delicious food, we must take advantage of the cooler and overcast days and start planning!

For those who are lucky enough to have garden or terrace, we have some proposals to build a barbecue area, which are ideal for organising large gatherings with friends and family.

Let's take a look at how to create your summer barbecue heaven…

Limited space

If your terrace is small, then probably it will not have many options to mount the barbecue. However, if you are fortunate to count on a large garden, you should evaluate carefully what is the best space to install it. Do not forget that it is a definitive construction of which, of course, the site will not change. 

The barbecue area must have at least 10sqm, although the ideal is 25sqm. It is imperative to make space for the barbecue itself, for a side table and of course room for your guests – calculate six to eight – to mingle without constraints. If after that, it also fits a table and kitchen supplies, then even better. Also, note that the installation must be connected to a gas network, as well as water and light so you can cook without ever having to go to and fro in the house.

Decide what style

What kind of barbecue do you want to have? There are several styles of which you can choose, although rustic is the most common, perhaps by its association with elements such as wood, embers and the country setting. 

Still, gas barbecues are becoming a common option as well, which have their advantages and disadvantages. The gas allows the food be ready quickly since you just turn on the device and it fires away. Therefore it is not necessary to remove any embers and clean them up after every meal. 

However, the meat just doesn’t taste the same with rustic barbecues when cooked with gas. The smoked flavour afforded by the traditional barbecue can only be achieved through the open and slow fire, obtained through an almost ceremonial routine.  Isn’t this the goal of a barbecue after all?

Place the floor

The barbecue zone gets dirty very easy. Therefore, you should consider carefully the choice in flooring. Although wood is very beautiful, it is not the best solution unless you have an excellent conduct when it comes to the cleaning process. However, to avoid this inconvenience we recommend to go for a tiled floor that besides having an easy installation it tends to be economic.

With or without a roof

It would be a shame to depend on weather for having a barbecue. Therefore, consider a roof construction or an installation of a pergola to enjoy the barbecue yearlong. For the pergola, you can choose a laminated cover that provides shade during the hottest days and prevents the entry from rain in the winter by changing its angle through a command or another device. 

You can also choose glass panels that effectively safeguard the barbecue from bad weather. Alternatively, build a wooden roof or shingle. It is a fast and economic option that contributes to the decor of an everyday space.

Choose furniture

You can create a modest yet enjoyable environment in your home for friends and family, as seen in the above example, where there is a table teak flanked by a bank with the same type of wood and a pair of folding metal chairs.

Of course, you can also search for more sophisticated ideas like solid wood tables and comfortable armchairs for spending hours in frivolous conversation. It should be borne in mind that in principle, you will not use this area every day so you should consider whether it is worth investing a lot of money on quality furniture that will be used seasonally.

Don't forget the light

A frequent mistake is to assemble a barbecue zone and forget about lighting. It is true that many of the gatherings around this space are held during the day, but when well lit, you can also enjoy it at night. In the image above, a number of lamps were place in a barbecue with rustic touches that illuminate directly the table where you can prepare meat or place a few starters to whet your appetite. 

The area of the table, in the background, also has suspended lamps. Also, one should not forget to install lights inside the barbecue, if possible, with a kind of oval ceiling covered with a plastic frame and solid glass, allowing to cook meat without problems.

Decorate to create a beautiful environment

To enjoy the barbecue in full you should pay attention to the details. Make the most convenient area by adding comfy pillows, colourful dishes to celebrate the summer flowers that are scattered everywhere, blankets for those who feel chilly, lamps and trays to serve the starters and drinks. 

You can get inspired by the image above from De Vuurtafel. A cushioned sofa and a coffee table that can also act as a footrest is next to a barbecue that also functions as a fireplace. Colorful flowers and a blanket complete the set with a large tray for the best snacks. It is so comfortable that even the cat approves

Let's set the table

Everything is ready: the terrace was adapted to the barbecue installation, there are ideal furniture and it is time to enjoy good times. You can use the same dishes as indoors, unless you want to prepare something different with larger wooden plates or better quality knives for cutting the meat. 

Prepare large salad bowls and brackets to put the meat when cooked. It will be a good idea to have a refrigerator for your drinks, so to avoid the cumbersome in and out from the kitchen fridge. If you prefer wine, you may want to invest in high quality glasses so that the glass does not become impregnated with the fat from the meat.

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