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There's a time and a place for dramatic homes that overshadow the landscape, trust us, we love them, but when a quiet respect for nature and a more understated approach is wanted, we can't help falling in love with amazing homes that seek to bed into their settings and that's exactly what we are going to show you today! The architects that curated the development of an existing corner house here had a stringent brief and we know you won't be disappointed by the results. 

Dating back to 1962, this home was given a super cool overhaul and accepted an attic conversion in a bid to garner as much interior space as possible. As we all know, you can't ever really have too many bedrooms! With a desire to embrace a more beach house aesthetic, you'll find great swathes of natural wood throughout and the white exterior really does lend a costal feel as well, but appearances were not the only concern here. 

Sustainable design was of the utmost importance to the owners, which is why durable materials have been used, en masse. Untreated Iroko, a strong wood that never needs to be painted, has been used for important frameworks, such as windows, while Douglas wall panelling, also left untreated, will age beautifully and protect without hesitation. Even the roof has a story to tell, comprising of waste material from the flax industry. 

Let's take a look at this astonishingly beautiful home and see how well aesthetics and ethics can really come together, while disappearing somewhat, into nature!

Just a peek!

We will give you a more comprehensive view of this charming home, we promise, but for now, let's enjoy how well it has camouflaged itself within the surrounding flora and fauna! The soft hues of white render and untreated wood are gorgeous together, don't you agree?

A sustainable roof.

If you read about the roof construction and assumed that it would look a little hokey or unusual, think again! With a galvanised sheet metal aesthetic going on, we think this is the perfect little modern finishing touch to a pretty little traditional home.

That cladding though!

Untreated Douglas wood was really the only choice for this fantastic home, don't you think? The way the warm material is ageing into a dignified silver hue is simply spectacular and manages to turn an old fashioned home into something of a rustic cabin property!

Such interior space!

This interior is nothing short of inspired. As we all know, older properties generally suffer a fate worse than death, in the form of claustrophobic rooms and bijou proportions, but here, with some internal walls removed, there is a sense of wide open space and an easy flow between functional areas. We love how much natural light plays a key role in the design too, which allows for a more understated color palette.

Dine out in style!

We now realize why we love this interior so much; there is a tangibly Scandinavian feel to it! This modern dining table adds such an element of contemporary cool, yet still beds into the neutral decor wonderfully and can we take a minute to really appreciate the fluffy textile additions as well? Divine!

Wonderful wood everywhere.

Just in case you thought that wood had only been used to good effect outside, just look at these internal glazed panels! Warm, natural and perfectly mirroring the style of the exterior, we are full-on envious of the aesthetic at play here!

For more wooden home inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: The wooden home that glows from within.

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