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7 steps to a dream studio apartment

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Over the last few years, there has been a major reduction in the size of apartments, particularly in large cities. The increasing population demands have lead to a need for modern architecture to be space-savvy and innovative.

The studio apartment is thus born! These little open plan homes are a great solution for single people or young couples and are far more practical and cost-effective than the other options out there. 

So how do we deal with the space constraints? Today we are going to look at solutions from the top architects and interior designers in the world. They will teach us how to create comfortable, warm, welcoming and functional living space. 

So let's take a look!

1. Get extravagant with patterns

Small spaces don't have to be lifeless or colourless. Not using bright or vibrant colours in small spaces is just a myth!

As long as colours or patterns are used strategically, they can bring life to small spaces. They create charm without cramping or crowding the small environment. 

Opt for accessories with extravagant patterns such as rug, cushions or paintings. It will make your studio look very fun and relaxed.

2. Divide into different areas

First of all, your studio should not just look like a large bedroom. It should be more than a place you sleep!

So how do you maximize the space for functionality so that it can be used for sleeping and socializing all at the same time?

Well, you need to divide the space into different areas so that you have a living room, office, kitchen and bedroom. 

In this example, we can see how space is divided by glass. This creates a wonderful flow without taking up too much space. You can also use furniture to divide space or opt for curtains or sliding doors.

3. Keep it minimalist

The secret to having a bright, comfortable and cozy studio is to take advantage of the simple and minimalist furniture. Never forget that less is always more!

Accessories such as curtains, frames, pot plants and candles can create a cozy atmosphere while working in harmony with simple and minimalist design. The straight lines, smooth materials and neutral and monochromatic colours make for a very visually appealing environment. 

Remember to also only choose the furniture that you need so that you don't overload the space.

5. Add colours and works of art

It is necessary that our house, even if it is small, rented or temporary, has our signature style. We need to give life to our home environment.

Thus it's important to dress the walls – we cannot leave them white! Either paint them or hang up artwork, bringing your studio to life.

6. Place mirrors on opposite sides of the wall

When you have a small space, it can be difficult to know how to monetize it in the best way, but we have a solution!

Use mirrors to create the impression that your studio has doubled in size.

Lighting is essential in small spaces and mirrors can serve to enhance the lighting, reflecting it throughout the interior space.

7. Make sure that the furniture isn't too big or too small

When we live in a small house, like in a studio, we have to be consistent with everything, even the choice of furniture. It shouldn't be too big or too small. 

Be sensible and choose pieces that don't constrict the environment but also don't get lost in it.

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