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10 ideas to give your living room classic flair

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The classic living room finds its originality in its ability to harmonize all of the elements of interior design, in a spacious environment that combines period architecture with all of the accessories in the house.

Classic style can work in harmony with existing decor and design and works well in the dining room, kitchen, hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms.

However, today we are going to focus on the classical living room and see just how beautiful it can be!

1. Impressive lighting

This magnificent light perfectly matches the classic style of the living room with its large circular ceiling and original lampshade. 

The harmony of the colours, the choice of furniture and the arrangement of the design all contribute to a very impressive living room.

We also want to point out the beautiful array of paintings on the wall.

2. A large mirror

This beautiful living room by interior designers blackStones, is enhanced by the large mirror, which reflects light throughout the room. 

To enhance this sensation, the designers have opted for light tones. Don't you love the high ceilings and earthy colour palette?

3. Spacious

XLC Living room

Maintaining a spacious environment can be the hallmark of a great home. Think of a castle with spacious living rooms, grand dining rooms and large kitchens!

This spacious living room thus creates a very appealing setting, while the large mirror and lavish details make for a classic design.

4. Original furniture

A classic design is the result of the right combination of furniture. 

Here we can see how the classic wooden chairs and sophisticated sofas bring originality to the room, while the decor pieces add charm and elegance. 

To complete this look and feel, the stunning lights enhance every detail.

5. TV cabinet design

The wall decor can be the key to any classic environment, as we can see in this gorgeous living area. This room is the perfect balance of contemporary and traditional, showing how classic can work with any style.

6. Central fireplace

This central fireplace is the cherry on top of this stunning living room design. With the beautiful parquet floor and touches of personality in the form of the animal print ottomans and charming bookshelf, what else could you possibly need?

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7. Choose your rug

There is a tendency to forget the importance of the rug when it comes to the design of the living room. The rug, however, can be the final touch on a classic and distinguished look and feel.

Here we can see how a rug works in harmony with the parquet flooring to create a very cozy yet classic design.

8. Minimalist

Including the heritage of a home in the design of the living room can make for a very unique setting. 

Here we can see how large chandeliers, old family photographs and original wallpaper creates a very picturesque setting.

The furniture and accessories makes this living room feel like it comes for a different era.

9. Natural light

This design features modern elements and classic features – with an original orange sofa!

The wooden features add to the authentic appearance of the space, while the fireplace is the final touch.

Do you see the paradox of style?

10. Wall decor

A classic living room can sometimes be created just by adding a stunning and traditional painting, like we find in this space. A little bit of originality goes a long way!

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Which is your favorite classical living room?

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