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Fantastic kitchens: 12 decor ideas that suit every homes

Leigh Leigh
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The kitchen is one of the most well-used rooms in the house. Thus there needs to be a wonderful combination of warmth and functionality, which can be a challenge for even the most professional architects, interior design experts or kitchen planners.

This is why today at homify, we've put together 12 fantastic kitchen projects that are different and unique yet all efficient and pleasant. 

You won't believe how each of these designs bring together everything that a comfortable kitchen needs!

1. Large and well-lit

The need to combine different environments into a single space can be a challenge, but it also allows for all sorts of innovation and creativity.

As we can see in this image, the kitchen can run along an entire wall, even if it is integrated into the living room. This separates spaces but still allows for fluidity.

2. The elegance of black

Black is a colour that is often avoided because it can make for a dark and airless environment. However, in this project we can see how black can be very effective for a kitchen design.

The black tones are lightened by the presence of white, while the mosaic is very stylish!

3. Horseshoe shape

The horseshoe-shaped kitchen can be a very efficient way to distribute spaces. Here we can see how the worktops can be utilized for cooking and preparing food while the middle of the room is spacious. 

The connected table is the perfect spot for dining!

4. Retro atmosphere

A retro atmosphere can be beautiful for the kitchen. Use elements such as the fridge to bring a colourful and appealing touch to the cooking space. 

The clean lines and stylish finishes ensure that this room will be lived in day in and day out! Don't you love the nostalgic feel?

5. An all-white kitchen

This kitchen is dominated by white tones, including on the walls, across the surfaces and the furniture. A simple and refined configuration has been achieved, which is bright and appealing.

This creates the atmosphere of order and cleanliness as well as efficiency and harmony.

Have a look at these 10 all white kitchens for inspiration. 

6. Vibrant inserts

In this project, the kitchen is alive with vibrant and colourful inserts. They enliven the atmosphere, introducing bright touches and a sense of charm. They also make for a creative atmosphere that's sure to inspire when it comes to cooking up a storm!

7. Practical and stylish

Wood is guaranteed for an efficient and warm environment, yet it is very simple and elegant. It is perfect for the kitchen, creating a very appealing environment. 

Don't forget to use storage to your advantage, installing shelves across the walls so that you can keep all of your crockery on display.

Tip: Use ceramic tiles to introduce life into the environment.

8. Different shades

If you want to use wood for your kitchen, show off its versatility. There are so many different shades to choose from, really allowing you to create a modern and homely environment. 

Wood also combines with white and steel, creating a balanced environment.

9. A small barbeque in the kitchen

We often feel like we need to have a terrace to enjoy a babeque, but this is not the case. As we can see in this kitchen, an indoor barbeque can be very effective and stylish. 

It also combines rustic and modern elements, creating a very functional and stylish kitchen.

10. A small kitchen full of charm

When space is limited and your kitchen is small, you need to condense the elements into an effective cooking space. 

Here we can see how the refrigerator and oven are inserted into the same wall, with plenty of storage to keep elements neatly organized.

Have a look at these tips: 8 clever ways to improve kitchen storage.

11. A counter to reconnect

The kitchen bar can make for a very effective kitchen, creating a space for family and friends to gather around while the chef whips up a feast. Pair with high stools for a little seating area. 

You'll also have extra surface space for cooking or preparing food!

12. An industrial kitchen

We end off this article looking at this modern industrial style kitchen. The clean lines and simple accessories work in harmony with the raw concrete walls. Light plays a fundamental role in harmonizing the contrasting textures, balancing colours and tones.

Which kitchen is your favorite?
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