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Give your bathroom the wow effect with these decor ideas

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Whether you are looking for a country chic bathroom with wood or a modern bathroom with smooth white ceramic… this is the article for you!

Today, we want you to be seduced by the charm of retro patterned tiles floors or minimalist design with faux marble. Because there are so many alternatives and options when it comes to creating a bathroom with an incredible ambiance and a sense of peace and tranquility.

The trick is to choose the right materials – and then everything including the furniture and the style will fall into place. 

There are some basic rules, however, when it comes to creating a trendy bathroom with the right materials. That is why we have put together seven stunning examples so that you can see what works well where and why! 

This is an article not to be missed. You'll quickly learn how to create a very stylish environment that is in vogue with all of the right materials!

Non-slip floors

Slipping in the bathroom is unfortunately a real risk, but there are some easy ways to safeguard against it. 

Opt for anti-slip floors that still create a bathroom that is aesthetically appealing. A perfect option is ceramic floors, which can be matched to the colour of the rest of the bathroom. 

Tip: Opt for neutral tones for a peaceful ambiance.

A wooden bathroom

There is no denying the charm and warmth that wood brings to a space and the bathroom is no exception!

However, if you opt for wood in the bathroom, you need to make sure that it is the right type of wood and that it is adequately sealed so that it won't get damaged from moisture or the wet. 

In a typical country-style house, wood is a wonderful option. Use it really create a little haven where you can have some peace and quiet.

Decorated tiles

Tiles went through a phase where they were overlooked, but really they can be one of the most creative solutions for a bathroom. In fact, in current trends, tiles are very popular because they come in so many different shades, types and styles. They are also cost-effective!

Here we can see how hexagonal patterned tiles characterize the bathroom, while the different shades and details creates a slightly whimsical touch. This is a very simple yet beautiful design that continuous from the walls to the floors.

Take a step in here and you'll be enveloped in style!

Ceramic bathroom

Free standing or integrated into the wall, the tub in the bathroom can be the protagonist of the space. It's also an incredibly functional element, bringing relaxation and rejuvenation to the environment.

Here we can see how the smooth white ceramic bath complements the grey, textured stone wall. This is a truly simple yet elegant and sophisticated bathroom that introduces lightness and strength to the environment.

Marble effect

Marble is still one of the most desirable materials for a bathroom, but it's also durable and very effective for a bathroom space. 

As we can see in this bathroom, marble also works in harmony with ceramics, wood and stone, creating a brilliant amalgamation of textures and tones. 

If you can't afford to use marble throughout, simply use it for the surfaces in your bathroom. It will truly make your bathroom feel luxurious!

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Designer radiator

RADIATOR MOOD - FONDITAL fondital HouseholdAccessories & decoration



Even something as functional as the radiator can do a design job!

Make sure that your radiator brings an aesthetic quality to the bathroom. Paint it a neutral colour and customize it if possible. 

Here we can see how the radiator brings an incredible vintage touch to the space, with a classic-contemporary design.

Carpets and textiles

The materials of the bathroom accessories, including carpets and tiles, can make a huge difference, impacting on both the aesthetic and functional elements of the space. 

Opt for combined solutions that ensure that this environment works in perfect harmony with every feature. Your colours should be consistent and your textiles should be soothing and warm. Don't be afraid to add a bright or vibrant splash of colour!

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