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15 inspiring ways to merge your living and dining rooms

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Architetto Francesco Franchini Modern dining room
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Interior design is increasingly moving to a time where interior spaces are integrated, allowing for a very social, engaging and spacious environment. You get an open, bright and friendly home that maximizes the square footage! 

However, it can sometimes be difficult to furnish and decorate spaces properly when they are integrated because you need to learn how to create balance and harmony between the colours, furniture and distribution.

Not to fear, today we are going to point out three mistakes that you are making when it comes to integrating a dining room and living room:

1. Defining a focal point to maintain harmony in both spaces

2. Clearly delimiting the different zones with decor and lighting

3. Following the same style for a living room and dining room

In this homify article, we have curated 15 stunning examples that will serve as a guide for decorating living rooms and dining rooms.

You won't believe how many options exist!

1. Neutral tones

Neutral and earthy tones create balance and harmony throughout, connecting spaces.

2. Black and white

If you're looking for classic integration, opt for black and white.

3. Wood for warmth

Mediterranean Feeling Studio Frasson Mediterranean style dining room
Studio Frasson

Mediterranean Feeling

Studio Frasson

When in doubt use a wooden piece of furniture as the protagonist. You'll have a warm and charming environment.

4. A wall with one colour

This grey wall connects the different spaces flawlessly.

5. Minimalist

Sometimes all you need is to stick to the most functional of elements.

6. All-white

White is a simple yet very effective colour that creates the feeling of space and integration.

7. The lighting

Use lighting to create ambiance and warmth in your living areas, connecting them to one another like we see in this design.

8. Use the sofa as a divider

Use furniture to subtly delimit spaces. The sofa can be a great option, keeping the living room and dining room segregated while still maintaining a beautiful flow.

9. Art and decor

Keep the artwork and decor consistent in both areas, connecting them.

10. Natural light

Make sure that your living room and dining room receive plenty of natural light. Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

11. Elegance of grey

Grey and white create a very sophisticated and elegant environment and can make the living areas work in harmony with one another.

12. In one big room

With the right furniture, you can make one large room look cozy and warm.

13. The L-shaped sofa

Opt for an L-shaped sofa to make the most of space.

14. In small homes too

In smaller homes, connecting the living spaces is even more beneficial. It makes it appear as if there is more floor space.

15. Glass furniture

Glass furniture can also create the feeling of space in a small living area.

Also have a look at these tips: 7 winning ways to merge your living and dining room.

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