10 inexpensive ideas for kitchen decor

Leigh Leigh
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At homify, we have once again put together some ideas for inexpensive decor – and this time our goal is cooking!

It does not matter if your kitchen is small, large, modern or even rustic. The tips presented here can be applied to all kitchens!

We want you to feel good in your kitchen and not spend hours cleaning… which is why with a few simple and economical ideas, you can crate a functional and beautiful kitchen without spending a lot of money.

Shall we see how?

1. Floor or wall tiles

Tiles are an excellent alternative to wallpaper and you can achieve so many different looks! Tiles can also be washed easily with a damp cloth and a little detergent, removing stubborn stains of grease or dirt.

There are so many patterns to choose from too!

2. A good mood

There is nothing like a motivating phrase to brighten your mood while you're emptying the dishwasher, peeling onions or sweeping the floor of your kitchen.

Frame your favorite quote for some inspiration!

3. Storage

Accumulate – who doesn't hate this word?

Your kitchen can be full of plates, cups, pots, bowls before you know it! This is why it's a good idea to decide what you want to keep and what you don't use. Get rid of anything that isn't functional or necessary.

Then get to work organizing your shelves, cabinets and drawers efficiently.

Have a look at these tips: 10 ideas for a super organized kitchen.

4. Plants

Family vegetable gardens are becoming increasingly fashionable, even in large cities. Opt for coriander pots, parsley or even small tomatoes on the window sills!

The fact that you don't have a garden is no excuse. You can create a vertical one in your kitchen!

5. Get creative

Happiest when the skies are blue Alaris London Ltd KitchenCabinets & shelves
Alaris London Ltd

Happiest when the skies are blue

Alaris London Ltd

Think outside of the box!

Here we can see how by removing one of the cabinet doors, a shelf has been created. It was painted light blue, giving a little twist to the kitchen.

Playful and fresh!

6. Recycling

More and more people are opting to recycle items – with fabulous results! Whether it's a piece of furniture taken from your parents' garage or an item that has been gathering dust in the attic – breathe new life into it and you won't spend a dime on a stunning look and feel.

7. Natural light

Natural light has amazing effects on our mood. Learn how to make the most of it and you'll save energy too. Open your windows and let the sun flow in! Use thin curtains and choose bright colours.

Artificial light is also important. Choose strong ceiling lights with several soft lamps throughout the home.

8. Wallpaper

Choose a pattern and apply with glue! This is a simple way to brighten up any modern kitchen.

9. Give life

Small kitchen, big bold colour! Hallwood Furniture Kitchen
Hallwood Furniture

Small kitchen, big bold colour!

Hallwood Furniture

Decorate your refrigerator with designs, photographs or magnets. This is a simple and economical way to inject personality and charm into your kitchen.

You may also want to rejuvenate your electrical appliances…

10. The dishes

Dishes don't necessarily have to be white. 

Personalize them so that they suit the personality of your friends and family. Allow colours and patterns to infiltrate! Get creative and break the rules…

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Did you find these tips useful?

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