12 clever ways to breathe life into every corner of your home

Leigh Leigh
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Decorating and furnishing without getting excessive is undoubtedly the golden rule in interior design. However, when we complete a project or finish decorating a room, we may realize that we've left a corner or empty or there is a blank space that could better utilized, adding charm and personality to the dome. 

Knowing what to do with these empty space is key to a sophisticated interior design. From the bedroom to the living room, from the bathroom to the kitchen – each room should be functional but should also visually stimulate. 

That's why today on homify, we've put together 12 ideas to ensure that you have character and practicality in every corner of the home, without overwhelming it!

Let's take a look…

1. Niches

Where space permits, opt for niches in the walls or in the corners. They can give great charm to any environment.

2. Tailor made cabinets and shelves

Shelves and wall cabinets hold all sorts of potential – use them to bring something unique to the corner of your rooms. 

3. Plants and flowers

It is no secret that nature is highly rated in interior design. Use plants and flowers to create a healthy, vibrant environment in every corner of the home.

4. Scale of furniture

Ypsy for the Kitchen homify KitchenCabinets & shelves

Ypsy for the Kitchen


The classic ladder has a been used as a tool for many years, but why not use it as a decorative element as well as for functional pieces. A ladder works especially well in bedrooms or bathrooms.

5. Wall stickers

Vinyl wall art can be very effective for decor, adding character and charm to any corner of the home. When you get bored, simply replace.

6. Suspended rocking chair

For lovers of afternoon naps, this is a very trendy piece of furniture that is not only beautiful but functional too. It is perfect for that bare corner, especially if it overlooks some beautiful views.

7. Fireplace

This is a great ally in the cool, winter months and can be slotted into just about any corner. Fireplaces also comes in all sorts of styles, shapes, colours and sizes. 

Have a look at this article for inspiration: Hot fireplaces for the modern house.

8. A sitting area

A classic and timeless way to make the most of an empty corner is to opt for a comfortable and charming sitting area. Make sure you include a chair, a rug, a coffee table and a lamp!

9. Pots and accessories

It is true that pots prove an important and vibrant contribution to a desolate corner in the house, but you can also use pots and accessories for charm and personality. Opt for creative and energetic patterns and colours.

10. A wardrobe corner

Use the corner of your bedroom to add a small wardrobe with a mirror. You can store clothes and accessories neatly out of sight!

11. A corner study

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London HollandGreen Study/office

Full House Renovation with Crittall Extension, London


Even a little work area can make a difference, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of functionality.

12. Counter in the kitchen

And to decorate a corner of the kitchen? You can always opt for a very valued breakfast bar! This creates a sitting area for friends and family as well as extra storage!

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