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If you don't know what signifies a 'Craftsman' style of home, don't be concerned, as you're not alone, but once we've given you a lowdown about the style and we shown you this phenomenal property, you will be an expert! Not only that, you'll be saluting the architects that designed this particular home as well.

Key features of Craftsman houses are one or two-storey designs with low-pitched roofs that are gabled. Exposed beams are a staple, as are showy verge boards and lots of fantastic natural materials. Dormer windows feature heavily and the interiors? They are something else!

The open floor plans are very common in these homes, with expansive living rooms meeting other functional spaces with ease, which makes them perfect for the Canadian climate and there  and earth-hugging horizontal profile was ideally suited for California's mild year-round climate. Artisanal touches can be spotted everywhere and there is always an underlying sense of luxury and opulence, which is why, as you'll see, this home is such a premier example of the design style. Shall we take a closer look? Come on then, but we won't overshadow the pictures with too much talking. We'll give you some pointers as to the key features and then just leave you to enjoy the fabulous photos!

WOW! This design style allows you to expect a certain amount of curb appeal, but would you just look at how impressive and inviting this property is? So grand and yet naturally charming too!

We told you there would be a huge living room and exposed beams, but this space is utterly delightful! We love how easily this home accepts some antique furniture too!

The kitchen is the heart of any home, but here, it is such a stunner! Offering formal and casual dining options, we think all the wood furniture is just staggering!

Natural wood cabinets and eye-catching granite counters are a match made in heaven and have created such a warm ambience here. Cooking can't ever be a chore in this room.

Craftsman style homes make the balancing of natural materials, open spaces and antique pieces of furniture look so simple! You can see what we mean about the overarching sense of luxury now too can't you?

A master bedroom, complete with double doors that open out onto a private balcony? Yes please! The luxe drapes add such a fancy flavor to the whole aesthetic.

You just knew that the main family bathroom wouldn't be anything other than divine, right? Spacious, light and so fresh, it has a beautifully old-world feel as well, with a roll-top bath in place.

Why have a stunning home if you don't include anywhere to sit outside in order to drink it in? This terrace is so sociable and sunny and really brings indoor comfort outside! That fireplace is magnificent!

Just to prove that this home is as gorgeous at the back as it is at the front, we had to include this photo! A charming home doesn't have to skimp on the luxuries and these pools really demonstrate that!

If you loved the use of natural materials in this Craftsman home, then just wait until you see this property: The log cabin home that's anything but simple.

Are you keen to see more Craftsman style homes now?

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