The six bathroom styles you have to consider

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W.D.A Asian style bathroom
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Before you get out that renovation hammer, you need to really consider your stylistic options. While the classic bathroom, with white tubs and abundant light, is always going to be the pinnacle of style for some, there are plenty of other options. Have you considered the space-saving Scandinavian? How about sharp and showy modern? Other options include: shapely Mediterranean; woody and warm Asian; and dramatically dark Industrial. After you browse through these options you might just need to throw a new style into your new bathroom! 

1. Classic bathrooms are neutral and elegant. Note that texture is emphasized over colour, like with this rough floor.

Master Bathroom Frahm Interiors Classic style bathroom
Frahm Interiors

Master Bathroom

Frahm Interiors

Of course, neutral colour can be dramatic. Plus, we love this classic bathtub with silver feet.

Rose patterns, like on this wall, are a common feature of the classic bathroom, especially in black and white.

2. Scandinavian style might be small, but needing to maximize space gives rise to amazing design.

We think this light green is so inspiring. You can find more green style here

You can still have a deep and luxurious tub, even in a small space.

The compact shelving under this sink really make the most of the space, and it looks like the stool tucks right in!

3. Modern style focuses on clean lines and makes for a sweeping, grand feeling.

From the circular chandelier to the finely textured floor, this bathroom is beyond elegance.

​House in Notting Hill by Recent Spaces Recent Spaces Modern bathroom Tiles Brown
Recent Spaces

​House in Notting Hill by Recent Spaces

Recent Spaces

Want another kind of elegant? How about this warm modern, complete with fireplace and wooden tub exterior.

4. Mediterranean style is all about the particular region, funky architecture, and a healthy splash of colour.

These archways are simply jaw-dropping and, combined with this bright blue, this bathroom feels like a spa.

Loving the tiled look? A professional tiler can help you get it just right. 

Choosing just one intense colour can work wonders for a bathroom. Plus, the bath tub is quite the step up.

5. Asian inspired bathrooms make use of gorgeous wood accents and plant life.

These standing bowl sinks in metallic are a sensational choice.

Mediterranean style covers a lot of ground, you can check out more stunning examples here.  

We never knew we wanted a couch near our bathtub until now. It looks so comfy!

Now this is symmetry done right. You can see the Asian inspiration in the ceiling and windows.

6. Industrial bathrooms incorporate metal and other unusual materials very well.

Consider this industrial style shelving under the sink and against the far wall. It's sleek, dark, and unique.

Isn't it incredible that the stark finish on the grey walls mimics the bathtubs texture? This bathroom is perfectly pulled together.

Once you've settled on a style, check out our seven best tips for saving money on a bathroom renovation.

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