13 Wow-Worthy Entryways

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There are some unique design opportunities to explore in the entryway of your home. This is the first impression that guests will have of your space, so you want it to be worthy of a wow. It has to seem welcoming and warm to your guests, and sets the tone for their time in your home. 

You also want your entryway to reflect the overall design of your home, including having practical space, harmonious colour, and textures found in the rest of the home. Focus on including those elements and you'll find you end up with an entryway that looks complete, pulled together, and reflects your personal style. As such, the possibilities for this space are truly endless. But, we've collected thirteen entryways that exemplify all of these traits, and can act as some great inspiration for you. 

1. This fabulous stone makes a great impression, and you'll see it repeated in the rest of the home on the right. It's unusual to pair a curvy table with such rough stone-- but it works!

2. You don't have to use too many elements to make a big statement. The parquet floors are too great a feature not to focus on, and their warmth is reflected in the gold mirror.

3. Practical entryways can be an amazing use of space. Think beyond your usual shoe stand, and give the corner a new function, like this work space.

4. Bay windows are usually phenomenal, but this one is the cream of the crop. It really connects the indoor and outdoor space, and makes the entryway a bright space that remains in touch with the season.

To get a big, beautiful window like this you're going to need the help of a general contractor

5. When your entrance is a tight corridor you can move the entryway features to just beyond the door. This way you have enough space to make the room practical, and to play with bold colour and texture if you like!

6. If you're looking for a place to show off your family photographs you can't go wrong with the entryway. It's a great way to make the home feel welcoming, loving, and stylish to boot!

7. There is such originality in this vibrant entrance. Moving the wall art onto the ceiling is a brilliant move, and it emphasizes the length of the spacious hall.

8. The entryway is a great space to play with shapes. The tear drop mirrors, the tree wall paper, and the varied vases, all feel harmonious.

9. Floating shelves are always a great addition to a space. In this entryway the shelf can act as storage for keys, shoes, and all of the odds and ends you need near the doorway.

10. Don't be afraid to throw a dramatic piece into your entryway. This bulldog is bold, but works so well in the space.

11. Another way to do dramatic colour is to throw it into multiple elements of the entryway. You can trace this bright orange, and similar warm tones, throughout the space.

12. This is a completely unique entryway, with its own little section of space separate from the rest of the home. It's very classy and elegant.

13. For our last bit of inspiration, consider how dramatically this entryway changed after its reno. The partial wall brings drama, a separation of space, and function.

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