20 ideas for your bathroom update

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You may not think of the bathroom as a place where design innovation happens, but it does. Bathrooms are large contributors to home value, and their atmosphere is always one of top importance for home owners and buyers alike. So, changes happen fairly frequently in bathroom design, both in technological updates and style changes. 

This all means that there are a ton of new options for decor and design in bathrooms that you may not have seen before. Freestanding tubs, sitting basins, unusually shaped mirrors and playful textures are all in. Here, we'll provide you with great inspiration on how to incorporate these new bathroom styles. 

1.The natural edge counter top in this bathroom is simply elegant, bringing in a natural feel to the whole room.

2. This smooth oval shaped mirror has a ton of personality.

3. Stone is being used more routinely in bathrooms. This space has two, one much rougher than the other, for contrast.

4. When you keep a room neutral you can add some fun shape, like this octagonal flooring.

5. Floating lights are a great way to make a statement in a bathroom and make sure every angle is bright.

6. Between the reds, the brick, and the round mirrors, this bathroom is taking all the right kinds of risks.

7. Have you ever see a window like this? It's kind of nautical, with its round shape and hatch-like opening, which is fitting for a bathroom.

8.Grey is not a frequently used colour in bathrooms, but it can be very calming, and even soft when paired with a delicate grey mat.

9. Adding little touches of wood warms up a space considerably, even something as small as the legs on this table.

10. These modern bathroom fixtures are very minimalist and space-saving.

11. Tiny details like this ornate light fixture turn regular bathrooms into something more spectacular.

12. If you're worried some rough stone might be to much for you, match it to the walls for a subtler look.

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13. Black, in a bathroom? You wouldn't think it would work, but it gives a real sophistication to the space.

14. That tiny little shelf is the perfect spot for your perfume collection!

15. Frosted glass is always a smart addition in a modern bathroom.

16. If you're crazy about colour, don't hold back, you can make a really fun space.

17. We love sinks that sit on top of the counter, instead of laying flush. They always feel elegant.

18. Back-lit mirrors and ceiling corner lights can create a very dramatic effect.

19. The all-white trend isn't going anywhere-- and you can see why, this bathroom is bright and crisp.

Want to explore bathroom design in more detail? We have a guide to neutral colour in bathrooms right here

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