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For so many, cottage style homes immediately bring a sense of relief and relaxation. But you don't have to drive out to the country to have a home that inspires this feeling. These home plans are a perfect fit for the suburbs, but they feel just like an old English farmhouse-- which is the root of the cottage style. 

Cottage style homes have asymmetrical features, long porches, and spacious gardens. They are usually two stories, with a compact style that allows them to fit into suburban lots easily and keeps their price low. You might also expect portico designs, Dutch front doors, gable roofs, balconies, and bay windows. Plus, the architects behind these cottage style homes have added in more modern features too, achieving various balances between the two styles. Which one is right for you? 

1. The two balconies on this house look cozy, and the asymmetrical front has a very modern mix of wood and white. To balance that, the roof is quite traditional.

The rear of this home has a traditional covered porch, and the design suggests a pool would be perfect for the yard.

2. The portico is clear at the front of this house, with quaint posts supporting a second-level balcony. The roof's texture is traditional, but the white on the house is very modern feeling.

It's easy to imagine this as a suburban backyard, with plenty of space for entertaining and room for a garden off to the right.

3. This house is rather similar to the last, but what sets it apart is the rich wood, with a very interesting texture. Wood, of course, is the quintessential material of the country.

The porch is set across from the backdoor so it feel a it more private. The trellis adds a touch of green to the home that feels very cottage-like.

4. This home feels smaller, but taller, and its materials are more modern than the others. But the bold portico stands out, and the side gardens emphasize the symmetry.

Leaving the master bedroom and looking out over the yard has never felt so sophisticated. The architects behind this home have also added a contemporary porch, which is still asymmetrical, as you would expect in a cottage home.

5. The attached garage on the side of this house allows for a huge balcony that overlooks the front and back yard.

There's plenty of room in this backyard to lounge in the sun. And, as this mock-up suggests, if you don't want to maintain a garden there are simple options for your landscaping.

6. Of all these houses that combine wood, white, and traditional roofing, this has to be our favourite. By putting the wood throughout the exterior, including as the flooring of the front porch, it looks more natural.

This back porch is enormous, and you can see the architects incorporated the same great trick of putting the wood under the roof.

7. For a family that prefers their privacy, this entryway doesn't waste space with a big front porch. But the asymmetrical window and greenery still feel cottage-like.

This home has put all of it's porch space into the backyard, with two separate seating areas, some greenery, and a pool!

If you're itching for a look inside one of these cottage homes, then these cozy but modern houses will be just the thing!

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