The all-season modular home that's built in one day

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BIO - architectural Bureau of Ivan Ovchinnikov Living room
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When you think of a modular home a few great advantages come to mind: cost, time to build, and ability to personalize. You usually don't think of a durable, stylish building. Well, enter BIO, the architectural Bureau of Ivan Ovchinnikov. They have created DublDom, a modular home that's perfect for sun and snow, and incorporated some amazing modern design inside. Ovchinnikov specializes in these quickly-built prefabs that range in size from 500 ft2 to 1,400 ft2 (43 m2 to 130m2). 

This gorgeous home can be built on site in a single day. Plumbing, sewage, and electrical components are all included. The bathroom is perfectly compact to save space, there's plenty of storage for a small home, and wait until you see the stunning porch option! 

Here is the exterior is full summer bloom. You can see the simple A-line roof, is supported by right pine panels and huge glass windows. It fits into the natural surroundings perfectly.

This home is also perfectly suited for winter, with a warm glow from the interior and ample heating.

Here's one model of the home in the middle of construction. Can you believe all this is done in just a single day?

The dining space in this version of the home feels like the perfect cottage. The wood is natural and warm, and the focus on a single material makes the space feel larger.

Here's an alternate dining arrangement for a larger family. It's ample space for four and the flower and candle accents make it feel very homey. We love the dark wood accent wall too.

From another angle we can see just how much space is next to that table. Keeping furniture proportional actually helps the overall space feel large.

That convenient storage wall has pull-out boxes, to be re-arranged as you wish. The empty spots help create a sense of flow between the different spaces.

The bathroom and laundry room combination saves a ton of space. And, because these rooms aren't occupied all the time, sharing the space only make sense.

Here's a model home, assembled in factory. One of the advantages of factory production is lowered cost for the homeowner.

We told you about the beautiful porch options and here it is. We're imagining a near by lake or pool to compliment this beautiful outdoor space.

For our last view of the home we're emphasizing the open feel, and the flow between the indoor and outdoor space. It's the perfect home for a nature retreat.

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