Must-Haves for the bathroom: 5 things that every comfort oasis needs!

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The bathroom is no longer just about function, where we prepare for the new day in the morning and for sleep at night. Instead, it is about comfort and atmosphere, and resting from everyday life. To achieve that comfort you need to have features and accessories that match your needs and personal style. Here are the five must-haves we can't live without. 

1. Fabulous Mirrors

Whether you decide for several small mirrors or a few large ones is up to you. But a stylish mirror is a necessity to light up the space and your face. It also makes the whole room look larger. 

2. A great shower

Bathroom CGI Visualisation #9 White Crow Studios Ltd Rustic style bathroom Slate Grey
White Crow Studios Ltd

Bathroom CGI Visualisation #9

White Crow Studios Ltd

You'll be using it every day, so there's no reason to skimp on this feature. When it comes to the perfect shower we recommend modern fittings with an original wall, made from wood, natural stone, marble, or other materials. 

3. Heated towel rails

There's no reason to pop your towels into the drier everyday. Instead, save yourself time and money with these rails which automatically dry and heat your towels. You put them anywhere in the space. 

4. An impressive floor

There's less square footage in the bathroom than most other spaces which makes it the perfect opportunity to indulge in a great floor. Whether you like it classic or unusual, bring in something of high quality to complete your bathroom. You can always get a floorer to help you with this project. 

5. Create space

What good is a bathroom if it can't fit everything you need in it? Even the smallest bathrooms can be given more space, under the sink, on the countertop, or in thin but tall shelving. 

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