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The top 11 furnishings for the living room

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Of all the rooms in our home, we spend the most time in the living room. Plus, our guests spend the most time there too. Accordingly, it should be the primary focus of your decoration efforts. It needs to be comfortable, practical, and reflect the overall environment you want for your home. Here are the eleven furnishings that can help you meet this goal.

1. Fireplace

This is the foundational element of a living room, and as such it stands for warmth and comfort. If your space is lacking one, you'll be impressed at the atmosphere it brings. 

2. Color for the wall

There's nothing wrong with white walls, but if you don't use even a little color or texture you're missing an opportunity to make it stand out. 

3. Dark wood

Who knows why dark wood once fell out of style for the living room. To the modern eye, it gives warmth, depth, and a sense of history to the space. 

4. Stone walls

Natural stone walls are being used creatively in every space of the home right now, and the living room is no exception. It's rustic and sophisticated. 

5. Plants

Don't neglect to add a little life to your living room!

6. Matching blinds

No one is particularly fond of blinds, but they protect from the sun best. The solution is to match them to the wall colour, so you hardly notice them!

7. Extra-large couch

The most important furniture has to be large enough to accomodate the whole family, plus a handful of guests. 

8. Statement piece

Make your living room stand out with one clearly focal piece, like this dramatic couch. 

9. Sliding doors

If you want to split a large living room, but still have the option to open it back up for large gatherings, a sliding door is a great option. 

10. Elegant chandeiliers

We usually think of chandeliers as living room lighting, but an ornate, elegant light for the living room is a good idea too. 

11. Personal touch

The most important element of the living room is the one that makes it clear which family hangs out here. Take these jerseys framed on the far wall, they're a sweet personal touch. 

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