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14 fantastic wardrobe ideas for your bedroom

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What would a bedroom be without a wardrobe? At least for those without a dressing room, a wardrobe is absolutely essential right? Well, if you have to have it, you should make it spectacular. That's all the reason we need to introduce you to some amazing wardrobe ideas from our experts. 

1. Build it in

Built-in wardrobes offer more space, more style, and some unique layouts. 

2. Around the bed

Minimalists will love how easy it is to fit storage in a small room with this wardrobe. Plus, the bed feels so cozy. 

3. Different wood

If normal wood furniture is too plan for your style, kick it up a notch with these funky furniture pieces. 

4. Open and organized

If you're someone who has to have your capsule wardrobe organized perfectly, these wide open shelves are a dream. 

5. Door-less walk-in

You don't need to build a big closet to have a walk-in dressing room-- just section off a part of the room instead. 

6. Romantic

French country-chic inspired wardrobes are just dreamy. Lamella doors complete the look. 

7. Room divider

Ever thought of putting the wardrobe in the center of the room? This way it creates a separate space apart from the sleeping area. 

8. Around the door

Your built in wardrobe can be put on the wall with the door, so your bed can have the opposite wall. 

9. Corner closet

Having a custom fit wardrobe for your room can allow you to take advantage of the whole space, even the corner. 

10. Below the slope

Even oddly shaped walls or spots under the stairs can be accomodated for with a custom wardrobe. 

11. Extra large

You could always do two walls! 

12. Minimalism

A wardrobe does't need fancy colour, materials, or even handles. This minimalist beauty is still perfect. 

13. Lush baroque style

Of course, minimalism isn't for everyone either. When you have a fancy detailed style, you can get an amazing wardrobe to match. 

14. Niche filler

If you have an empty little spot in your room, it can be the perfect place to throw in a wardrobe. 

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