These 9 pool alternatives are great for your garden

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If you don't have room for a large pool in your garden, you can still have a water feature. Some of them will even allow you a little swimming room. Whether your obstacle is space, or cost, there's a beautiful pool alternative for you. 

1. Water for beauty

This long, gorgeous water feature still gives an atmosphere of refreshment to the yard, even though it's only big enough to dip your toes in. 

2. Contemporary fountain

Others want to emphasize not the look of water, but the sound of it. This contemporary fountain, in smooth concrete, is designed to give you that delightful trickle.

3. Budget pool

If you want a whole pool but can't find the budget for it, this wooden pool is a great option. This pool is delivered as a set and needs only to be assembled! A pool professional near you will likely offer a similar option. 

4. Garden shower

You can quickly cool off under this garden shower, or just delight in the tropical plants it supports. 

5. Mini ponds

Even the smallest garden can have small pools of water, and the adorale lilly pads that can go along with it. 

6. Corner whirlpool

Everyone wants some warm water to relax in, and even small backyards can find a spot for this smartly shaped pool. 

7. Whirlpools

This gorgeous whirlpool can be set up in an hour or so and taken down when you're done. These inexpensive options offer you incredible flexibility. 

8. Mobile pool

If you love the inflatable jaccuzzi, consider the bigger version. There's a little more set-up, but it's still cheap and flexible. 

9. A small waterfall

Even small yards can have a natural vibe. This small waterfall is the perfect compliment to a lush green space. 

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