9 brilliant trend colours for your wall in 2017

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This year brought some trend wall colours, of 2017, to freshen up our own four walls. And, summer is just the right time to capitalize on these trends and bring out the rollers and paint cans. Does the bathroom need a makeover? Is the kitchen still contemporary? A small start to any room is a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes its the smallest changes that can bring the biggest style upgrades to our homes. To help you choose a shade, we're looking over the trend wall colours for 2017. These will brighten your spaces, add sophistication, and make guests feel more at home. Let's start!

1. Mauve and violet: elegance for every room

These two cool shades are perfectly suitable to replace the warmer trend colours of 2016, though were sad to see them go, the year 2017 has brought something great to the table. By themselves, or in combination, a light mauve and deep violet bring an elegant, gentle touch in every room. No matter if the style is modern or classic, eclectic or creative, mauve and violent will fit in and make the style shine. 

2. Pastel combination of green and gray

Pastel colours, especially in living rooms, increases the feeling of harmony in the room, for us and out guests. Pastel tones bring a soft contrast to neutral colours, keeping emphasis on the soft fabrics and generous furniture. This year the trendy pastel colours are a combo of gentle yellow-green and grey. Adding the yellow-green in sparingly makes certain areas of the room pop and feel cozy. If you plan on giving your living room a new shade this year, you should consider this great combo. 

3. White: Timeless

As in many previous years, the colour white is an absolute favorite for 2017. Wall colour trends don't always have to change. The positive qualities of this flexible neutral are just too much for anything to knock it from its throne. Plus, the colour white isn't just timeless, it simplifies every room and makes it more inviting, whether you're adding it to a bathroom or a cozy living area. Combined with other cool colours such as the trendy turquoise, the advantages of white are evident – just like in this example.

4. Pearl gray for a welcoming decoration

The colour gray is not to be underestimated this year, when it comes to contemporary furniture and decor. We already admired the effect of various shades of grey in combination with a green pastel tone. As its second trendy application of the year, a  textured pearl grey brings a cool elegance, especially in smaller or more private ares. It also works as a basic tone for the any modern style, it creates a harmonious, inviting atmosphere which your guests. Who wouldn't love to sit down on this sofa?

5. Warm elegance with rose

As a wall colour, soft pink or rose add a balance of warmth and restraint to a room. It's not overwhelming, but it's a little heated. Be it a living room in a classic country house of a chic modern loft, rose brings some comforting chic. Various soft pink shades are versatile precisely because of the great balance they strike, so its no wonder this is a trend colour for 2017. 

6. Camouflage for the kitchen: green with a touch of yellow

It is said that no living creature can see more shades of green than man. So, its not surprising that this cool can soothe and enrich our lives. Many of us have already taken advantage of this in our home. Maybe, this trendy mint green-grey is the newest shade of green that will find some use in your home. Have you ever thought of making in the main colour of the living space? It is supposed to mimic the natural green of the environment, bringing an invigorating harmony to our every day life. It's also a perfect colour for a kitchen in 2017. 

7. Stimulating yellow for the classic living space

Summer is the season of optimism and brightness, so adding some yellow into your home is great way to capture the season. With her breath of sunshine, this soft yellow brings some refreshment to our walls. It works with all kinds of spaces, making it a flexible colour of the year for 2017. It will work not only with the class living space, as in this example, but with a muted note it could work in a bedroom or bathroom. 

8. Gray is the colour for 2017

Concord High - Thomas Pedersen Stouby Living room

Concord High – Thomas Pedersen


We at homify are convinced that the colour grey in all of its nuances is a great addition for wall colour trends of 2017. It is so versatile in our home-- be it as a basic tone for inviting furniture, or an accent in a heavily stylized room. On the wall, it works in modern and industrial rooms particularly well. If you prefer a dark grey for your wall, lighten up your furniture accordingly to balance. dark blues are another good combo, and you can bring warmth to grey by pairing it with wooden furniture. 

9. Maritime blue shades

Christmas '14 Farrow & Ball Living room
Farrow & Ball

Christmas '14

Farrow & Ball

To conclude our little journey into the world of the trend colours 2017 once again we've picked out a very special blue tone. Maritime blues with their great mixture of green, turquoise and navy are absolute eye-catchers in every home. In modern living rooms, but also as a colour highlight in the kid's room or in the kitchen, is a great choice. Didn't find the shade you were looking for? Try out these 7 elegant colours, all ready to add sophistication to your home. 

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