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Charismatic country style living room furniture

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You don't need to live in an idyllic rural village to yearn for the 'look' of cosy country living room furniture. In fact, this is a design genre that works anywhere, with a little imagination. So if you don't look out of your back window and see a meadow full of grazing cattle, don't panic, because we have some fantastic country living room furniture ideas for you that will work in any home.

A little bit country

This room is crisp, modern and features some wonderful touches, but would you call it 'country style'? Most likely not, but there is a key element in the room that can be used for country living room furniture inspiration. The inclusion of a natural rug, in this case a fur piece, allows for complimentary cushions to be added to the modular sofa, which suddenly takes on a far more country appearance. Imagine the couch placed into a large open plan kitchen/living room, where everybody convenes before dinner. Suddenly, thanks to the addition of some natural fabrics, this sofa is every bit country living room furniture. Re-upholstering in a shabby chic fabric would really make the sofa stand out too.

Sympathetic surroundings

This picture is the epitome of country style. From the fireplace, through to the wooden beams in the ceiling, you would be hard-pressed to find a room that more eloquently represents the style and this is, in part, thanks to the inclusion of some country living room furniture. The sofa looks comfortable and well used, with seemingly removable covers (for when one of the dogs jumps up with muddy paws!), the table is simple and crafted from wood and the foot stool features a wonderfully old fashioned fabric, bringing the old, new and cosy altogether in one room. We can almost smell the homemade apple pie cooking too.

Current and country

Unlike the former picture, this is an example of just how well country styles can work in a modern space. There really aren't any rules to follow, but the use of natural light, exposed block work on the wall and warm wood all contributes to make two modern sofa units work as country living room furniture. Large, comfy looking and the perfect spot for social interactions, these sofas could look just as at home in a sleek, minimalist apartment, but being able to seamlessly blend with their surroundings makes them the ideal additions to this stunning room. For even more of a country feel, cushions could be added and possibly an animal skin rug.

Glorious gingham

Willow Barn Kaya Design Living room
Kaya Design

Willow Barn

Kaya Design

What say country style more than a splash of gingham? Nothing when it is thrown onto a wooden kitchen table and enjoyed within a wooden-trussed extension! Clearly a new and modern addition to an existing house, this project from Kaya Design has been completed beautifully, with traditional trusses being used alongside crisp finishes. The wooden trunk coffee table, woodburner, welcome slash of colour with a gingham tablecloth and even the tradition rug all work harmoniously to give a real country home feel. Country living room furniture can be as varied and eclectic as the people that choose it, so remember to stay true to your own taste, while adopting a theme.

Warm wood

Wood is something so intrinsically connected to country styling that it's almost impossible to split the two apart. Whether it is stunning floorboards, a dramatic exposed beam ceiling or even just the accessories seen in a room, wood will always play a huge part in any country living room furniture arranging. In this example, the floor is really taking centre stage while the carefully selected furniture pieces are sidelined. A traditional tub chair can be seen on the right, injecting a sense of familiarity, while a bare bones wooden dining table set is also just visible. Though we can't see the outside of this house, we would be forgiven for assuming it to be a pretty little cottage in a chocolate box village.

Fantastically farm-like

Tapestries Art Protis - Arakne Svetlana Kuliskova Living room
Svetlana Kuliskova

Tapestries Art Protis – Arakne

Svetlana Kuliskova

Well this might be taking country living room furniture a little far for some of you, but in essence, what a fabulous example of what can be done, if you give your imagination free reign of course! This exposed hay bale wall is not only stunning, it actually has highly insulating properties, making it a practical inclusion, though most people would opt to render it for a cleaner interior look. The addition of dried flowers and that stunning open back unit perfectly compliment the wall and automatically take on a more rural feel themselves. Different, interesting and definitely country chic!

Smaller spaces

What's not to love about this picture? Forget the view for one moment and the room stands on it's own merit wonderfully. The heavily patterned rug picks up the terracotta red hue of the sofa perfectly, bringing warmth and character to the country living room furniture. Pared back wooden units and an exposed wall add to the ambience and perfectly capture the essence of country styling – comfort. Adding a woodburner would be a fantastic way to complete the room, adding an extra touch of rural homeliness without excessive expense.

Nice and neutral

Natural materials in muted tones offer a country style with an elegant twist. No muddy wellington boots here, this room is the perfect compromise between style and comfort. The crisp, clean sofas are wonderfully offset by the wooden table and accessories, as well as the hessian stools that all combine to give an effortless impression of country living room furniture. The stone floor gives the finishing touch to this beautiful space and makes it impossible to distinguish what type of property we are looking at. It could be a large rural estate, but just as easily could also be a modern house cleverly decorated.

All out country

Now this is a room that leaves us in no doubt about what kind of property we are looking at. Clearly inside a rural timber lodge, this room encapsulates everything that country living room furniture should be – practical, hearty and comfortable. Large leather sofas that will age sympathetically with the timber of the frame and walls, a huge decorative chimney breast and aged metalwork are working symbiotically to create a space that is intrinsically rural and endlessly welcoming. The combination of so many natural materials in one space make this room utterly irresistible and full of country charm.

Keep it simple

Along a similar train of thought to the previous picture, this example shows how to pare back a style and keep it super simple. Still a wooden lodge property, here we have unstained wood and simple furnishings combining to offer rural tranquility. Nothing takes centre stage and everything works to create a space that is functional and effortless in its minimal charm. The woodburner – a key piece of any country living room furniture – keeps the theme on track and prevents the room looking too much like a Scandinavian sauna, while a wooden coffee table, shabby chic rug and comfortable sofa all combine to inject personality and homeliness. Country living room furniture at its simplistic best!

For more country style inspiration, take a look at the following ideabook: French country style in your home.

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