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26 fantastic ideas for small kitchens

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A kitchen is always considered to be the heart of our home. Whether it is the smell of fresh coffee, different herbs or freshly baked cake which smells of cinnamon and sugar, they all help us create some of the most beautiful moments of our life.

Not just this, but a kitchen is also a place where our kids tell us all about their school day and stories. Most families have such moments in their living room, but in the case of a small house, a kitchen becomes the ultimate hangout spot.

The lack of space makes it difficult to design a fully functional space within a small area. But with the help of this ideabook, we will show you how to create a beautiful and fully functional kitchen in a small space.

1. Modular cabinets

One of the most popular kitchen design of all times is this modular setting. Modular kitchens are considered to be extremely handy for people who need to move frequently like students, trainees, or project managers. Each of these kitchen blocks is an individual piece like the gas range, dishwasher and cabinets. These can be dismantled and assembled within minutes when you move to a new apartment.

2. Breakfast counters

Creating a kitchen for a small room usually, mean that you cannot integrate a bar or a meal counter. But the truth is, by opting for such a parallel counter layout, you will be able to have enough space to prep meals and eat in the same area.

3. Kitchens with Wow effect

At a glance, you might think that this beautiful space looks more like an artist’s studio than a kitchen, right? Cooking is considered to be an art where a dish is made using many different ingredients.

4. U-shaped layout

While designing a kitchen for a closed room, opting for a U-shaped layout is the best way to maximize the space. This makes you have enough room to move freely in the middle of the kitchen.

5. Maximum storage

This picture is the perfect example of how to create storage in a small kitchen. We rarely see so many possibilities of storage cabinets in a small space. These kitchen cabinets take care of every little storage need that you might have including a sleek wine bottle rack on the side.

6. Bright kitchens

Neutral or bright kitchens always look beautiful in both residential as well as a small room formats. They give us the illusion of more space than there is actually. By installing a large window, you will not only have plenty of light within the room but will also be able to aerate it well after cooking

7. Minimalism design

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn Baltic Design Shop Kitchen Grey
Baltic Design Shop

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn

Baltic Design Shop

Minimalistic designs like these always give the impression of cleanliness and elegance. With regular care, you can achieve a fresh look for an extended period that will also uplift your mood.

8. Hidden kitchen

Adding a curtain or a door to your kitchen can be a great way of hiding it, especially if you are placing every key area in a single room.

9. Combining styles

Combining different styles is also a very good idea when it comes to designing a small kitchen. The designer of this space has used modern cabinetry along with a rustic looking stone wall to make the room look unique.

10. Beautiful & rustic

This kitchen design is anything but minimalistic. The thing that we realize by looking at this design is that a hardwood kitchen in a small space can also be very comfortable and not at all bulky.

11. Colourful kitchens

Just looking at this kitchen can get you in an excellent mood. The use of bright colors also makes it look great. However before implementing a similar design one should always pay attention to the exact color spectrum required. Otherwise, it might look chaotic instead of harmonious.

12. Elegant

Creating a regal or an extraordinary look by using unique material is also a great idea. The bar stools with transparent seats and the backlit shelf in this kitchen are the two features which make it look majestic.

13. Kitchens made of wood

Modern looking wooden kitchens are the best option if you are looking for a design that blends easily with any type of decor. These counters can also be served as a small bar by adding a few simple looking stools.

14. Rustic and charming

The first thing that you notice while looking at this picture is the rooms flexibility and comfortable vibe. Also to create more storage space, open shelves have been installed onto the second wall which is conveniently placed near the dining table.

15. Retro kitchens

A similar retro style design will give your kitchen a unique color, pattern, and shape. The highlight of this small kitchen is the bright yellow refrigerator and the black ceiling light fixtures. The orange stool covers also add to the overall retro look of this particular space.

16. extraordinary!

This particular picture can help you design a kitchen which looks professional. The combination of marble flooring, stylish built-in wardrobes, and ceiling lights make the space look elegant.

17. Functional small kitchens

The most important thing to remember while designing a kitchen is to make it feel comfortable and stress-free. For this reason, a kitchen always needs to be practical no matter what.

18. Fresh wind

The colors that we use in our kitchen can affect the overall appearance drastically. This particular design gives the entire space a fresh look and makes it stand out.

19. Cottage style kitchen

If you want a kitchen that makes you feel like you are on vacation, then this design is the perfect option. It displays a cottage style theme that also allows you to enjoy the nature outside.

20. Contrasting features

Using different styles or contrasting colors can also make your kitchen look stunning. One should always make sure to have a constant color or theme throughout the space to make it look harmonious.

21. tradition and future

This kitchen is the perfect example of how to different styles can be used in the same area. The designer has used rustic style furniture along with stainless steel fixtures and appliances which resemble a commercial kitchen.

22. Industrial style

Brilliant Bethnal Green Propia Industrial style kitchen

Brilliant Bethnal Green


This picture also showcases how two contrasting styles can be integrated into the same space. This industrially designed apartment with its exposed pipelines is beautified with the use of modern fixtures like modern cabinets and vintage gas stove.

23. Space for recipes

If you have a vertical space in your kitchen that is not being used then adding a blackboard can be an excellent idea. You can use the area for writing down recipes, messages, and even your shopping list.

24. Lighting

Whether your kitchen is small or, large lighting always plays an important role. Dull ceiling lights are never the right option for a cooking space, so replacing it with countertop light fixtures can be an excellent idea.

25. Dining table

Creating a small seating space in your kitchen is always doable. It can be the perfect spot to relax and have a few drinks in the evenings.

26. classic kitchens

Making a small kitchen look classy is actually very easy. One only needs to remember to use pastel colors and proper lighting. Along with this, adding beautiful accessories like curtains and vintage stools is also recommended.

For more such designs check out our ideabooks

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