6 Ways to hide the washing machine in your bathroom

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In comparison to refrigerators and other kitchen appliances, which are now available in various designs, washing machines have still not changed in the past decade. These gadgets usually end up in the cellar or the bathroom as they are considered to be not that good looking. Even if you place your washing machine in the bathroom, you can still make the overall appearance look beautiful by hiding them in proper locations.

There are certain points that you need to consider before picking the perfect hiding spot. The first thing is to remember that washing machines are electronic appliances which might require repair or replacement, so the location should be easily accessible. Second, if you have a top loader than the size of the door should be big enough for the machine to be loaded with clothes. Narrow space might not sound such a big issue now but can become a hassle in the longer run.

1. Sliding door cupboard

A good way to hide the washing machine is by placing it behind a closed door. This way it will not become a part of your bathroom and will also not take away from its beauty. Sliding doors are a great option as they are easily installable and also quick to open. These doors can be attached using a thin ceiling rail which is barely noticeable.

2. Built-in structure

Another solution that you can use is a built-in structure. These structures are made so that they can be integrated into the existing cabinet system seamlessly. The best part about these built-in cabinets is that they do not stand out from the overall appearance. To create a similar structure, it is important that you have sufficient space in the bathroom. This design requires additional cabinets to be installed along with the washing machine to make it look natural. 

Built-in structures are accessible for washing machines as they allow them to blend in with the surrounding easily. This solution is especially suitable for those who are planning to buy their first washing machine or need a new one. Anyone who already owns a regular washing machine must resort to other hiding places.

3. Curtains

A super simple and cost saving alternative to hiding your washing machine is behind curtains. These curtains can act as the perfect washing machine cover especially when placed on a pre built shelf. If you place your washing machine in an alcove, then the curtains can be placed above it with the help of an iron rod. Whereas if you decide to put it in a corner, then the curtains can run from wall to wall creating a u-shape. This solution might not be the most aesthetically pleasing but will ensure that the machine is out of sight. Along with this by using a fancy curtain, you can also uplift the vibe of your bathroom.

4. Customized shelves

Due to existing water connections in the bathroom, the location of a washing machine is already specified. This problem gives you little to no choice as to where the washing machine can be placed. The best way to deal with this issue is by installing kitchen range cabinets and cupboards within the area. By doing so, you can hit two birds with a single flap. In other words, you will not only be able to conceal your washing machine but will also gain additional storage space. 

This alternative can also serve as a room divider. Plumbing manufacturers these days have a few washing machine cabinet designs in their assortment, which can match your existing bathroom fixtures. For this reason, washing machine cabinets are a highly recommended solution. To make the space multifunctional, you can also add other items like open shelves, wall hangers, and laundry baskets.

5. Space saving option

Most small apartments have unfavorably sized laundry rooms that cannot accommodate a full-size washing unit. Apart from this, these spaces are also not equipped with proper water or electrical connection which requires you to use an extension for hooking up your washing machine. If you are looking to use a similar area as your laundry room then measuring the available space beforehand is essential.

The best solution for a similar situation is a space saving washing machine. These units are usually smaller in size between 40 to 50 cm which can fit comfortably into a sleek location. The major drawback with these devices is that they can accommodate a significantly less load of laundry. The capacity of a space saving machine would be around 3 to 4 kilograms whereas a regular machine could accommodate 6 to 7 kg.

If you are an individual or a family of two, then these small machines can also be sufficient and space saving at the same time. Another drawback with these little machines is that the price is still at par with conventional washing machines, which might prove to be a little expensive when compared.

6. Vertical placement

Keeping a washing machine hidden in a small bathroom is a problem in itself. But the best way to deal with the situation is using the vertical space. Opting for a high self will not only provide you with additional storage but will also make it convenient for you to store your washing machine on one of those shelves. The only thing to remember while using this alternative is that the shelves should be able to handle the weight of a massive washing machine. Along with this, the washing machine should also be placed at a decent level so that it is not difficult to load.

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