23 Cheap yet effective and stylish garden fence ideas

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Your privacy is one of the most important things to you. But still spending an enormous amount of money on garden fencing ideas or solutions never seems to be a great plan. Keeping this in mind, we looked at some of the most competently priced fencing solutions being used by landscape architects and collected them all in this ideabook. 

If you need to create a partition or wall between you and your neighbors garden but are still looking to save some cash at the end of the day, then you must read this article and choose the best solution for yourself.

1. Similar woven bamboo fences can be connected to a solid wall with ease.

2. To create a softer barrier using plants as natural fencing can be a great idea.

3. Solid fencing can be cheaper if you are willing to use reclaimed wood.

4. Freestanding bamboo sticks can be cut to any size to create a cheap fencing.

5. Cheap pre-made panels can be customized with a shiny coat of paint.

6. Short and plain wooden panels can be far cheaper than fancy ones.

7. One can also use chunky strip made out of pallet wood as their cheap fencing idea.

8. Gabions are a great way to use value material to create something solid, improvised, and beautiful.

9. Low-level fencing can also be a great option especially if paint it with bright colors.

10. Decking planks bought in bulk can be used to create an entirely cohesive and linear fencing solution.

11. Open trellis fencing ideas allows you to grow climbers for a more organic and natural outcome.

12. Pale woven panels like these won't make your garden feel too enclosed.

13. Simple spaced wooden fencing can give your house a country like feel while still being in your budget.

14. White picket fences are generally used in cottages, but they still look great everywhere.

15. Integrated fencing which is also a part of your outdoor furniture can help create an opaque barrier.

16. Trellis panels can offer you a visual barrier without interfering with the natural light source.

17. A wooden framework covered with artificial greenery is a modern and aesthetic fencing trend that also offers good value for money.

18. Chicken wire fencing is almost invisible, but it still does the job of keeping unwanted visitors out.

19. Mesh panels placed on top of a solid wall can provide you with an extra level of privacy without costing too much.

20. Extra tall fencing will naturally cost you a little more. But if you opt for a cheaper wood quality, which needs a bit of treating, then you can save big time.

21. Creating a funky looking fence, using perspex panels would not only be an inexpensive option but will also make the space look beautiful.

22. Similar looking marine ply can be bought from any DIY store and customized to fit even the most unusual space. The best part is that it is not horrendously expensive.

23. A stainless steel sheet is not only reasonable to buy, but a simple laser cutting job can make it look fancy as well.

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