You'll want to steal these 13 wooden home exteriors

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Wood is a warm, natural material that brings life to any area of a home. Sure, there's newer materials to use on a home's exterior, but there is a reason wood is making a come-back. With new staining possibilities, and in combination with new materials, wood looks better than ever on the exterior of our homes. In 2017, this trend is clearer than ever, lets take a look at some examples. 

1. Bright and warm

Rustic and country homes absolutely have to have wood, in their exterior especially. But, you can still combine this traditional material with some punchy stuff, like this bright red, and dozens of lights to make both materials stand out. It's fresh and energetic. 

2. Trio of wood

You can use not one, or two, washes of wood, but three. Mixing up the thickness of the panels and their orientation is another good way to spice up the look. 

3. Glass and wood

Big windows and naturally finished wood are the modern combo extraordinaire. The glass allows for natural light to nourish the home, while the wood further emphasizes the interior space's connection to the outside, natural world. 

4. Mixing materials

Wood is a versatile material, and in the right finishes it can look right at home with other materials, providing a unified but interesting look, instead of providing dramatic contrast, which isn't for everyone. 

5. Bold wood

Then again, for those who like the bold look, wood can adapt to that too. In particular, dark cold coloured wood is highly dramatic. It feels sophisticated, and contrasts almost any material your neighbour's house is using. 

6. Contrast

Another way of bringing wood into modernity in a bold way is using wood as the foundation of a cubic style home, as the architects behind this beauty did. The corners and edges are finished in a matte black material, defining the shape even more. It's quite eye-catching. 

7. Texture

If that's a little too much contrast for you, concrete and wood mix together to create a more unified look. The secret is texture-- having textured concrete, or even textured grey stone, flows into the natural texture of the wood grain. 

8. A touch of wood

Futuristic or industrial styles are often blocky and stark. Occasionally, they need to be grounded, and nothing is better to add that bit of natural warmth and connection to the earth than wood. 

9. Focal point

Even in small amounts, wood can create a focal piece for the whole exterior of the home, creating a warmer look than you'd have without it. 

10. Match the deck

You can create a very sophisticated and unified look if you match the wood in your facade to the wood you used for your deck. 

11. Corner block

Another play on cubic homes is to creat each block out of a different material. In this case, wood has a great role to play. 

12. Just the door

There's something special about the first part of your home you, and your guests, will touch. The front door needs to be welcoming, and wood is a great material to accomplish this. 

13. Be creative

Whether you're looking for a little or a lot of wood, be sure to consider the different washes, textures, orientations, and types of tree that you could use. 

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