The best ways to get water into your garden

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Ponds, pools, waterfalls, what's the right water feature for your garden? If you're not aware of all of the options, we've selected some of the best designs for you to peruse. We're sure you'll find your water muse among the landscape architects behind these luxurious garden features. 

1. Natural

A small rock face and waterfall, completed with a natural pool at the bottom, is the perfect way to emphasize your wild garden. 

2. Ultra-Modern

If your garden is modern and practical instead, consider this minimalist fountain. 

3. Colourful

Grey doesn't mesh with everyone's aesthetics. Those who are more fond of bold colour and design will appreciate this candy apple red waterfall. 

4. Simple and natural

So you want the natural look, but think the piles of rocks beneath most fountains are uninspiring? Then this round wooden fountain is the perfect natural choice for you. 

5. Concrete cliff

The dramatic and geometrical shape of this fountain and pool combination feature is great for those who need a water feature that flows with an industrial style home. 

6.Black and bold

It's quite unusual to make a fountain black, but this beauty really adds some drama to the space, especially combined with the spout fountain design. 

7. Zen

The globe on the right is a small fountain, trickling down into the Zen-garden rocks below. The tropical plants which the foutain waters solidfy the relaxing atmosphere.

8. Dramatic Zen

Again, black can make any garden design a little more bold. As a bonus, this simple fountain will come in nicely under budget. 

9. Rock pool

There's a real sense of solid, stable presence in this garden, thanks to the textured rock wall and matching water pools. 

10. Desert rock

For a brighter look, use lighter stones in your water feature. They reflect light and remind one of the heat of a desert oasis. 

11. Subtle flow

You can use any kind of rock that strikes your fancy in your fountain. These simple, flat stones create a subtle look that works with the local environment. 

12. Square pool

If a fountain isn't for you, a small pool of water adds some serenity to a space, without require much maintenance, or making noise. 

13. Placement

Don't be afraid to extend your entertaining space by placing the pool somewhat away from the main gathering spot. Of course, what this space is really lacking is a fence. Luckily, we have 23 cheap fence ideas that would work great. 

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