9 ways to have a healthier and safer bathroom

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There are some design choices you can make in your bathroom that will make it healthier and safer. You don't have to sacrifice style, of even your budget, for these changes! Talk to your interior designer about incorporating some of these clever designs and bathroom elements. 

1. Close the toilet before you flush

Bacteria from the toilet can spray out to the rest of room when you flush and lid is open. Even some of the bacteria will land on the toothbrushes. 

2. Use Bar Soap

It turns out that we use less bar soap than we use liquid soap, to get the same clean. Over a few years, you'll save a pretty penny. 

4.Install Grab Bars

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Next to the toilet, in the shower, and in the tub, its important to have something to grab onto, not just for the elderly, but also in case you slip. 

5.Clean the fan

A bathroom fan can go over looked for its whole lifetime, but cleaning it is a top priority for keeping air circulation in the bathroom. Without proper circulation, mold can develop. 

6.Buy a toilet tap kit

This brilliant invention has you wash your hands in a little sink on top of the toilet. When you're done, the water drains into the bowl. This way, your hand washing water serves a second purpose. 

7. Use a brush

Cleaning the toilet bowl out with chemicals isn't necessary. With a proper brush, and some soap, you can accomplish the job without using anything harsh or polluting water. 

8. Get a bidet

By far, a bidet is the simplest and stylish way to clean up. They look quite beautiful too!

9. Use a hand shower

When you can direct the flow of water right where you want it, you use less. It also makes rinsing the tub after scrubbing it down quite simple. 

10. Buy a dual flush toilet

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The half flush function on these toilets cuts down your water usage dramatically.

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