9 ways to brighten up your small windowless bathroom

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Most of us do not get the chance to design and build our own home, which is why we need to adjust with whatever one can find. Sometimes even the most beautiful of houses can have certain drawbacks like a small windowless bathroom that make the space look dull and gloomy. With the help of this article, we will show you how to get light into a windowless bathroom and make it look bright and sunny.

1. Shiny mirrors

If you have enough vertical space available then, by all means, adding a few mirrors can be an excellent idea. A gallery of small mirrors will help reflect light into every corner of the bathroom thus, making it look bright.

2. Lighting fixtures

Wall-mounted lights are another great feature for small bathrooms especially if you are short on space. The only thing that you need to remember while installing the lights is that they should be placed on an eye-level. Light fixtures installed at a medium level, will make the entire space, look more flattering.

3. Stylish elements

Most bathrooms come with ugly standard cabinets which cannot be ripped out. The best way to tip the situation in your favor is by adding unique elements or pieces of furniture like a stool or a tiny chair. Furniture pieces, which have open-space underneath can add a lot of personality to the room and even make it look larger.

4. Light colour interior

By painting your small windowless bathroom with bright colours, you can dramatically increase the places visual size. One can also opt for glossy tiles to expand the space and make it look more dramatic at the same time.

5. Bright colour patterns

Adding colourful patterns to your bathroom is the simplest way of making the space to look beautiful. If you can afford it, then bold wallpapers are the best alternative for achieving your desired look. The best part about using such eye catching wallpaper is that it will make you forget all about the “No-Window” situation.

6. Glass partitions

Adding a solid or a permanent wall to a small bathroom is the biggest mistake that one can make. Rather one should explore a variety of partitioning designs that suggest the use of textured glass, glass bricks, and vertical blade screens. These glass partitions will provide you with a sparkling clean look and will also allow the light to pass through without any distractions.

7. Subtle accessories

Adding subtle accessories to your bathroom with no windows is also worth a shot. These accessories can include anything from fixtures, sconces to even a vanity that has a mirror or stainless steel surface. Keeping the latest trends in mind using metal in your bathroom can make the entire space look industrial or steampunk. Metals like stainless steel, polished aluminum, brass, and copper should be your primary choice while accessorizing a bathroom.

8. Artwork

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Target Tiles

Daisy Chain

Target Tiles

Another thing worth trying is to move the focus away from the lack of light to a focal wall. These focal walls can be created by incorporating colourful artwork like photo frames or decal. These walls not only looks elegant but also make the space cheerful and lively.

9. Keeping it clean

A clean and well-organized bathroom automatically looks beautiful. So make sure that you remove any damp towels or clothes immediately. Apart from this drying your shower screen and basin after use can also help you get rid of any water stains. One can also add scented candles or room freshener to the small bathroom to get rid of any musty odor left behind.

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