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6 Creative ways to hide ugly radiators

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The radiators in your house are one of the less attractive features when compared to the rest of the decor. For those of us who are not looking to spend a lot of money for buying a new central heating system, are often forced to make do with these ugly appliances.

While thinking about these dated incarnations the first question which comes to mind is: How to disguise a radiator? The simplest way of doing so is by covering them up. This method will allow you to get the exact amount of heat into the room while keeping the radiators out of sight.

Make sure that you take a look at this ideabook so that you could hide your ugly radiator without much hassle.

1. Wooden casement

Wooden casements are one of the most stylish and generous ways of hiding a radiator. This utterly beautiful built-in cover from Cool Radiators converts your dated appliance into a stunning feature which also complements the rest of the decor. 

This beautiful casement provides an organic charm and sophistication to an already stylish room. It also proves to be the perfect example of how fashion and function can blend. The radiator casement creates harmony within the living space as it is entirely unimpaired.

2. Decorative panels

Modern ideas to cover radiators also include these delicate Indian inspired panels. These screens are perfect in case you have a small heater and do not want to encase it completely. The cut outs and frilled edges of this lovely furniture piece effortlessly disguise the ugly small radiator. 

Apart from this, it also makes the space look more cohesive and beautiful. These decorative panels are ideal for hallways where you need to dry your shoes and coats during the winters and require as much open area as possible.

3. Place a sofa infront

While trying to cover a radiator, one needs to be very careful. Especially because if you box a heater too tightly, then it will not be able to give out proper heat circulation within the room. Keeping cheap and easy solutions in mind, we suggest that you place a sofa in front of the radiator. 

Also, if you have a bright coloured sofa like seen in the picture, then it would be easier for you to divert the attention of your visitors from the ugly radiator. But in case you want a more subtle look than any long settee will be perfect for the task.

4. Use a drawer-chest

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It is not possible to have sofas in every room so that you can hide a radiator. For this reason, you need to come up with something else that can be utilized for the exact purpose. The best option for this is placing a table or drawer chest in front of the radiator.

When placed in a hallway, bedroom, or bathroom these designer drawer chests look completely natural and also prove to be extremely functional in camouflaging the ugly radiators. These chests can also give you additional storage and are easy to shift in case your heater needs maintenance.

5. Install a shelf

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If you are thinking about how to hide a radiator partially then installing a floating shelf might be an excellent alternative. This will allow your radiator to become a part of a wider decor feature. These floating shelves will also draw your attention above the heater. 

Another alternative for floating shelves is boxed units. These units can surround your radiator and incorporate them into the main design itself.

6. A coat of paint

If you cannot come up with an idea to cover your radiator then painting it might be the last option. Hiding a radiator is a tricky business due to its location and size. So instead you can paint your heater with bright colours and convert it into a decorative feature. 

The use of violet colour in this neutral room adds a fun dimension to the entire space making it look beautiful.  You can also use patterns or prints along with paint to customise the appearance of your radiator.

For more designs check out our ideabooks

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