How to decorate your home with a minimalistic approach

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Minimal living plays an important role for many people these days. Our lives are filled with stressful routines which make us desire a comfortable and cozy home all the more. Opting for a minimal apartment layout is the right way to convert your home into a more relaxing space when compared to over decorated ones.

If you too are looking to set up your apartment in a minimalistic way, then there are certain guidelines that you must follow. These guidelines will make your space to look neither too full nor too empty. To create a minimalistic space one requires a skillful interplay of colour, defined lines, and objects that are both functional and investing at the same time.

To give you an idea of how to design a minimalistic looking apartment here is an ideabook that we have put together.

1. One room at a time

If you are thinking about a minimalistic setup, but your apartment is a completely different style at the moment, then you need to set your priorities regarding the rooms. Setting up an order in which you want to devote yourself at various rooms will make the entire process easy. On the other hand, if you try to convert every room together than you might end up creating a massive chaos for yourself.

The kind of room you decorate first is not necessary rather doing it one by one makes all the difference. An approach that fits perfectly in this situation is to replace large pieces of furniture first so that you can downsize your apartment strategically.

2. Furniture first

Minimalistic pieces of furniture are distinguished by clear lines and bright colours. This ideology gives you an upper hand while you are trying to implement a minimalistic design into a small room. The bright colour furniture also helps you make the room more lively and inviting. 

For example, furniture pieces like a couch play a significant role. These pieces are often selected in white or different shades of gray so that they can perfectly adapt to the rest of your minimalistic furnishing. Along with this, you should also make sure that other furniture pieces like a chest of drawers or cupboards are painted with the colour white as well.

3. Di-clutter

A minimal decorating style is considered to be an excellent way to get rid of unnecessary objects. Being said that we do not imply that decorative items are unnecessary or useless. Rather, we want to highlight the appearance of your homes natural walls and floor. One needs to realize the importance of not over decorating their apartment and still making it look good with minimalistic style furnishing. 

This approach allows you to create empty spaces and uses them in both optical as well as psychological sense. It is believed that emptiness can also stimulate your imagination.

4. Floor space

Making sure that your floor is not unnecessarily covered with a runner or a carpet can also help you decorate your apartment in a minimalistic way. Whether your floor is lined with tiles or a lamination sheet, keeping it natural will make the entire space look beautiful. On the other hand, if you cannot do without a carpet or small runner then ensure that it is made of bright colours like white.

If you feel that your apartment looks quite empty even with a carpet or a runner then adding potted plants can also be a great alternative. It is essential that you accessorize your floor as less as possible so that you are in sync with the minimalist style approach.

5. Unencumbered surface

For those of you who have a large chest of drawers in their room are often temperate to add various designer elements as well. However, it is necessary to keep the surface free so that it can standout on its own. Minimal decoration for such surface is the best way to make a lasting impression on the visitors.

It is believed that an empty surface will definitely attract your visitor's attention rather than a place which is filled with curious. Therefore one should always make sure that the area is neither dusty nor cluttered.

6. Plain walls

While opting for a minimalistic approach one also needs to limit the use of pictures, posters, and other wall decoration pieces. However, if you cannot live without wall decoration, then you must pick out your absolute favorite pieces and incorporate them into the scene. The wall decoration which you select should also come in bright colours so that it does not aggravate the otherwise uniformly created space.

In an ideal situation, the colour of your wall should also be reflected in the furniture you use. You should also remember not to use large picture frames as they might interfere with the overall look of the room. Instead, you must learn how to enjoy the emptiness of the walls and allow your mind to wander.

7. Excess furniture and accessories

The fact that you probably have to separate yourself from some of your decorative accessories does not imply that you will never see them again. Therefore it means that you do not have to dispose of the furniture or the accessories while you are trying to design your house minimalistically. 

We suggest that you store everything in the basement of your house or the attic so that you can bring it out again if required. Only by spending time in a minimalistically designed apartment will you be able to realize whether you are comfortable with the approach or it was just an entertaining activity at the end.

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