10 stunning ideas for a loft conversion

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An attic is nothing more than a rumbled chamber which we use as a store. Most people spend their lifetime wondering how they can convert this previously unused room into a real living space which can also serve various purposes. Whether it is a children's bedroom, a duplex apartment with kitchen, or a master bedroom, an attic can be converted into all of these very easily. If you are looking for ideas to convert your attic then here are 10 of them which you must consider.

1. Functional kitchen

Adding a kitchen in your attic can also be an exotic option. Depending on the size and the condition of the chamber one can install a whole apartment in there if they like. In this picture, we can see that the kitchen was placed on the gable of the house so that it does not look too narrow. The designer also decorated the space with generously sized windows so that the kitchen receives additional light. Since the roof of the attic cannot be used for counter-top cabinets, the semi-high walls have been converted into a built-in wardrobe. The two cooking islands also provide additional storage space and can be used to keep electronic appliances as well. The wood clad roof and the modern kitchen fixtures give the room an elegant contrast.

2. Spacious bedroom

Another classic idea that you can use for converting your attic is adding a bedroom. The slanting walls, in this case, provide you with a cozy and homely feel which is ideal for residential use. In order to create the perfect relaxing zone and making the space look bigger installing a large window is a must. Making sure that your attic has proper insulation is also required so that you are protected from the harsh summer heat. For additional protection, you can also use heat resistant roller blinds for your windows.

3. Full-size apartment

This attic conversion idea allows you to keep a fascinating overview throughout the apartment. The roofing is based on installing wooden beams instead of a retractable false ceiling. It gives the apartment the spaciousness it requires along with making it look bright and sunny. In case you want a little more privacy in the sleeping area then you can opt for an opaque partition instead of a transparent glass front. The designers were also able to maintain a gallery like feel by keeping open access to the upper floor. The open kitchen also adapts perfectly to the living room.

4. Cozy bedroom

A slanting roof is not enough to create a beautiful bedroom. Rather installing beams and dormers will make the space more comfortable. Attic conversion ideas like these showcase how a timber-framed chamber along with its furniture and wall paint can help preserve the original character of the place. Along with this, the storage space is used optimally and practically so that one can make the most out of the attic. The barrier used in the room also gives it an energetic feel and provides a thin layer of insulation at the same time. The panorama window in the attic provides enough light within the room and an excellent view of the surrounding landscape.

5. Redeveloped apartment

This apartment was originally an undeveloped roof store in the middle of Freiburg. In the case of such historic buildings, one usually needs to rely on the legal binding departments and the monument authorities so that they can implement desired ideas. One is often asked to remove and rebuild the existing roof entirely due to the fear of contamination which also needs to follow strict regulation. However while remodeling this attic, a spacious interior was created which perfectly combined the old structure to the modern ways of life. All the beams were installed in their original position, and the previously single floor apartment was turned into a new two-storey living space.

6. Dining room

Unlike the previous example, the roof construction of this maisonette apartment in Cologne was completely removed and restored with a sophisticated steel construction. While the south side was lined with large windows, the kitchen and dining area is bordered by an atmospheric surface of a whitewashed stone wall. The worn out interleaving created an entirely new feeling with a lot of air upwards. The indirect light in the curved walls and the ceiling light fixtures also give it a unique touch.

7. Exotic bathroom

bathroom can also be a great alternative for converting your attic. The designer for this room was able to create an en-suite bathroom which could give even the most luxurious of spaces a run for their money. The bath is installed on the left side of the room directly under the window which offers a great view, while the toilet is enclosed behind a shifting door. This room provides enough privacy as the master bedroom is a floor above which is accessible by stairs.

8. Bath with a view

Using an attic to create a real bathroom which includes a tub is also possible. This full bath combines the three most important elements that we look for which are relaxation, peace, and wellness. The skylight installed on the roof gives the bathroom a feeling of openness and keeps it bright. It allows you to look into the sky while you are in the bathtub, recovering from a stressful day. The view of the heavens at night can also be combined with candles to create a beautiful ambiance.

9. Library

Anyone who has dreamed of owning a library or creating a similar space in the living room can also use a roof construction for this purpose. For the finished space to be actively used one can also create a small gallery with few chairs. It gives you a feeling of more openness and would encourage you to spend more time in the library.

10. Office space

While creating an office area at home, we often wish to separate it from the main living space. If you too are looking for a similar solution then using the attic might be an excellent choice. In case you do not want your office space to be completely disconnected from other residential areas of the house then you can create a typical gallery style construction as seen in the picture.

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