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Our most inspiring dressing rooms

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If you've never had the pleasure of starting off your day in a perfectly organized dressing room, well, you'll want to after you read through this list. A dressing room that is perfectly tailored to your personal style, both in decor and in clothes, is inspiring and energizing. It helps keep your day flowing smoothly, and can even be a quiet retreat when you need one. 

1. Simple

Try a rail shelving system for a stress-free dressing room organizer. It's simple to rearrange the shelving anytime you need. 

2. Black and white

This sophisticated colour palette is perfect for the dressing room and the bedroom. 

3. Lighting

A huge globe light is a brilliant idea for a dressing room, which is often off to the side and could be dark. 

4. Attic re-purposed

Don't leave any space in your home unused. Attics are great options for dressing rooms, especially if you can put in a skylight. 

5. Staging area

Those who have a tendency to run late will love this little staging area. You can keep everything you need to run out the door right here.

6. Shapely

VESTARIO DI ALFONSO Who Cares?! Design Modern dressing room
Who Cares?! Design


Who Cares?! Design

Unusually shaped furniture is a great way to make a statement in a dressing room. 

7. Seating

Don't neglect adding a spot to sit in your dressing room. This fancy and soft seat adds a feeling of luxury to the space. 

8. Open

For some, its easier to get dressed when everything is in plain sight. As long as you like to keep things organized, there's no reason to close off the dressing room. 

9. Washing machine

What could be simpler than having your washing and/or drying machines right in your dressing room? You can hold your clothes right where you store them. 

10. Pattern

One of the best parts of a dressing room is that it's a very private space, where you can take big risks with pattern and colour, if you want to. 

11. Frosted Door

These frosted glass panels are a great way to make the bedroom or dressing room feel softer and more feminine. 

12. Sliding doors

This type of door offers more freedom than any other, and looks as good open as it does closed. 

13. Hooks

Don't forget to add some hooks to the room, whether you want to hang shoes, scarves, or hangers on them. 

14. Wall

With a small reduction in bedroom size, you can have a completely separate dressing space. This helps keep your bedroom uncluttered, too. An interior architect can help you plan this addition. 

15. Elegance

Of course, a dressing room can fit into a classic bedroom as well. All you need is a luscious curtain, and a chandeiler. 

16. Modern Country

Wooden walls are a great addition to a bedroom. Match your dressing room to it with some textured curtains, and another natural material, like these bricks. 

17. All white

This dressing room has a minimalist clarity you have to love. It couldn't be simpler to keep this stark dressing room tidy and organized. 

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