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25 Great ideas for designing your shower

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Whether it is a mini shower or an extra large one, they are a must for all bathrooms. Since showers often come in a standard design, we have combined 25 unique models that can inspire you to dream big. Also, you can use these ideas to rebuild your existing shower stands and make the look beautiful.

1. Shower with a stone wall

The three-dimensional arrangement of the natural stones in this bathroom creates a unique shower wall. The head for the rainforest shower is placed on the ceiling so that it can cover a wide area.

2. Fancy light fixtures

The floor and the walls of the shower are completely covered with brown marble. To match this hue, the designer has opted for lilac LED ceiling lightings.

3. Glass encasing

A transparent shower cubicle like this can provide enough light within the area. Thanks to the floor drain pump it is now possible to install a low-level shower head which was previously difficult.

4. Natural stone walls

The white natural stone with gray marbling makes this shower a designer object. You can also enjoy the tranquility when you sit down on the integrated bench.

5. Natural stone shower tray

If you have a small bathroom and yet want a modern shower area than creating the floor with natural stones is an excellent choice.

6. Large size shower

This shower area covers an entire wall of the bathroom as there is a lot of space available. Along with this the mini-tiles on the wall help visually divide the area from the rest of the room.

7. Shower under a sloping ceiling

Thanks to tailor-made solutions from expert bathroom designers even a shower cubicle under a sloping roof can now be created.

8. Customized shower walls

If you do not want to hang storage baskets in your shower then creating small chambers on the wall can be a great alternative. You can use them for keeping small items like your soaps and shampoos.

9. Decoration ideas for the shower

To decorate a shower area like this adding mirrors is the best option. The mirror used on the wall not only keeps the area well lit but also adds to the spaciousness of the shower.

10. Natural stone shower

Bathroom shower ideas that combine natural stones, lights, and water are a real delight. Although, there is not much space in the shower, but the idea of adding lights makes it look larger.

11. Imposing ceramics

The use of large size ceramic plates creates a statement in this shower. The colours range from brown to copper making it look exceptionally beautiful.

12. Walk-in shower

An innovative wall drainage system can allow you to create a similar walk-in shower. With the help of the water jets on both sides, the refreshing process becomes more of an experience.

13. Round shower

Instead of a shower curtain, you can have your showers glazed. It will help you utilize every inch of space available.

14. Glass tile shower

With the use of mosaic tiles made of glass, you can spice-up your shower area. Selecting different shades makes the whole thing even more dramatic.

15. Concrete look

Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn Baltic Design Shop Scandinavian style bathroom Concrete Grey
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Skandinavisch Einrichten in einem alten Holzhaus in Tallinn

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Designer shower tile ideas also include these small hexagonal patterns which seamlessly transition into the wet area. The concrete wall finish gives it an exciting contrast when compared to the wooden furniture.

16. Shower partition

The best way to partition your shower area is by creating a wall using tiles and glass. This stylish bathroom also gets a pop of colour with the use of bright green accessories.

17. Colourful shower wall

Here is another great example of walk-through showers. The main wall of the bathroom was not created using ceramic tiles; rather it has a waterproof graphic design in bright red tones.

18. Mosaic pattern

This shower area provides you with a broad range of possibilities so that you can make it look unique. The use of mosaic tiles in different colours makes the entire space look fascinating.

19. Corner shower

While one is designing a corner shower area using the space well is a must. By installing a bench similar to the picture you can sit back and relax while being sprayed with warm water.

20. Floor level shower

Floor level showers are a trend that is rarely being used today. With the circulating shower channel, the water can be quickly drained so that the level does not remain wet.

21. Tile patterns

Shower ideas that use simple tile contrasts can achieve a significant effect. In this example, the narrow, rectangular tiles stand out from the clean white look.

22. Fabulous design

Creating a shower area without any partitions is worth a shot. The floor marking, in this case, separates the shower area from the rest of the room.

23. Shower in the attic

In this picture, one can see a smart solution for creating a bathroom in the attic. The square area is divided into two sections and separated by a ceiling-high wall. Both parts are illuminated with deck pots and decorated by gray mini-tiles.

24. Double shower

In case you have a larger bathroom than you can quickly set up a double shower. The shower heads have been placed on opposite walls so that there is enough gap in the middle.

25. Creative shower wall

The main wall of this shower area has been creatively designed. The floor is made of subtle natural stones with compliments the overall appearance.

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