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8 amazing ideas for your terrace canopy

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A terrace roof can be made of various materials like glass, fabric, reed or wood. It can either be fixed or movable, and some of them can even be customised to be controlled with a remote. 

We all love spending time on our terrace especially in the summer. But during this time we are often faced with fast changing weather which means we might even be shooed off by a rain shower from our own outdoors. Also, even during the afternoons we always look forward to sitting on a shaded terrace. This makes it all the more important for us to cover the space. The only question that comes to mind in such a situation is “Which terrace roofing material is the right choice?”. 

By reading this Homify ideabook, you will be able to get a better understanding of various types of roofing or ceiling options available.

1. Romantic terrace roof

One tried and tested roofing option is a pergola covered with traditional roof shingles. These are quick and easy to build because one side of the shingles is attached directly to the house. Whereas the other end is supported by wooden pillars that give it additional stability. Fast growing orchids such as Clematis, Wilder Wein, or Knoeterich provide the roof with a rustic and romantic look. The only thing to remember is that the plants should not cover the masonry too much.

2. Textile terrace roof

This option is considered as a highly flexible patio roofing variant available. If you want to enjoy the full portion of the sun on your terrace, then you simply need to remove the textile. However, if rain is a concern, then the material can protect your patio by stretching back onto the construction. Hence, giving you the desired climate always. Apart from this, once the season is over, you can simply take off the fabric rags, wash them out and re-stretch the wood construction next year.

3. Reed-roof terrace

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One can also use a similar filigree structure as their terrace roof. Although, it does not hold down any rain, but is nevertheless a good option for sun protection. So if you are looking for a solution that just reduces the sunlight and is also an ecologically sustainable roofing material, then the best choice would be reed.

4. Glass patio roof

A shelter of glass is the right thing for those who want a lot of light, but also protection from rain. This fixed roofing version is a bit more costly, but if one takes cares of it properly, then it can last you for many years. However, you need to find someone who can occasionally clean the window panes.

5. Sun sail roof

A sun sail is a light and summery roofing variant. This will not only provide you with enough shade but is also a safer bet for windier areas. An additional advantage of using a sail as a patio roofing material is its adjustable suspension. Depending on the requirements, you can also use it in different places. Also, with the appropriate choice of materials, a sun sail can even protect you against rain, because it is also available in water-resistant variants.

6. Awning roof

The covered awning on the terrace as a roofing solution is the right choice for all those who want a complete package. Such roofs can either be extended if you need protection from the sun and rain or retracted if the weather is perfect and you want to spend time under the open sky. A further advantage of using awning is that it is available in various colours and designs which mean you can also decoratively highlight your terrace.

7. Terrace with curtains

This terrace roofing is characterized as an extremely versatile concept. The relatively straightforward wooden construction is used not only as roofing solution but also as a rod for curtains. This can protect you from the wind and also from prying eyes. Mixed versions of transparent and opaque components were also chosen for the roofing. This means you have no sun directly above the table, and the outside terraces can still have enough light so that one is not sitting in the dark.

8. Remote controlled roof

This high-tech patio enclosure is perfect for connoisseurs.  An electrically operated controller or remote, allows you to choose between dryness, shadows or a bulging sun at a push of the button. The remote regulation also lets you customize little specification of all the options. This roofing is easy to install as it does not need any extensive construction.

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