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Everything you need to know about large windows

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As the owner of your house, you're often confronted with impossible decision-making situations. Especially during consultations with your architects, problems, proposals, and hypotheses are usually placed on the table. One might be alienated to these questions which can create uncertainties. It might also give you an unbelieving sad feeling which is quite contrary to the joy of planning a new house. With this ideasbook, we would like to inform you about every single detail of large window planning and installation so that you are fit to make a correct decision when the question comes up.

1. Why big windows?

Windows are considered far more than mere openings for the light incident. In a house, they are the interface between interior and exterior areas, which bridges the gap between the private and the outside world. From a purely subjective point of view, this connection is regulated by the opening and closing of the windows. While a window is open, you can feel the oxygen flowing in along with all the different sound of your surrounding. 

Whereas, the closing of windows and drawing curtains, means you are keeping your private life under lock and key and do not want the exchange to happen. The main reason why people prefer large windows is because they provide a full outlook and generous insight into the house. It allows fresh air to flow unrestrained into the room along with the sounds of nature.

2. Fully glazed walls – a new trend

In the profession of architecture, basic technical understanding and artistic creations come together. We can see this in buildings that promise a high benefit factor and are impressive aesthetically. Many architects are known to start free designs with just an idea or even a vision. In the creative process, the decision to build a house with fully glazed facade could be a bit of futuristic approach. Traditionally houses have been constructed with stone facades for many years now. 

However, with the new trend in the field of architecture, it has increased the size of standard windows and has replaced brick walls with glass. In the latter case, the glazing extends to several floors and allows the occupant a complete view of the outside. Large sizes, full glazing and the unobstructed view into the open are elements that can create beautiful panoramic windows.

3. Cost of installing

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the costs of large windows. In addition to window type and size, nominal thicknesses of internal and external disks are also important calculation factors. Nowadays, windows are frequently installed in buildings, which are insulated by several layers of glass. The interstices created by the glazing is also taken into consideration. In addition to this, the heat transfer coefficient plays an important role in price calculation as well. 

This factor is closely related to the determination of the energy-efficient properties of the windows. In the trade, glasses are divided into resistance classes. The more robust the glass, the higher the price. If the house construction is in a decisive phase, the window glass can be fitted into the facade easily. However, every thing that looks grand costs more which is why with large windows one must be prepared to spend freely.

4. Cleaning

Spring cleaning is the time when we usually clean our windows as well. Irrespective of the size of the house or the number of windows an entire day can pass quickly. Moreso, when one is using the wrong cleaning agents and methods. One should first clean the pollen and dust off the large windows with a fine broom. Later a sponge soaked in a mixture of water, dishwashing liquid and vinegar can be used for dissolving the dirt present on the glass. A wiper can then be used along with cleaning water to pull off any excess dirt. 

You should always lather and clean in horizontal stripes with a large window to make it spotless. The rubber on a wiper is often affected by wear and tear. It can result in uneven shape and will show a streaky finish while cleaning. After the wet cleaning, a microfiber cloth is usually preferred as it will wipe off any remaining moisture from your windows. It will also give the surface a shiny and sparkling touch. One can also use old newspapers for the same purpose, but it can leave black impressions of the print.

The last tip that we can give you is not to clean your windows during the daytime. Heat will dry up the cleaning solution which will then become difficult to remove. Hence, you will end up wasting more time instead. One can also hire a professional team to clean their large windows as they can reach every corner of the glass with their equipment. But this can be an added expense.

5. Advantages

Owners of houses with large windows are way ahead of the present and future builders. You may already look back on your experience and report on the everyday advantages or disadvantages of large windows. Each of these owners would consider it to be an advantage that the view from their large windows is something extraordinary. 

Panoramic windows open the architecture of a building. It gives the building a visual lightness where aesthetics reach into the interior of the house. Big windows are also a suitable and stylistic means to float the rooms of an apartment or a house with natural light. Also, large windows can serve air regulation within the four walls.

6. Disadvantages

However, even floor level window has disadvantages. The cost of such large size windows is an investment that you should think about beforehand. For example, if you look at the above picture the cost is around 500.00 CD for one window. Now multiply this amount by the number of required windows, to get the exact idea. Apart from this large windows not only allow light but also heat in all directions. Higher cooling costs can, therefore, arise, which will result in increased heat generation in the building interior.

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