22 Ideas to design a modern TV corner

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The best way to relax after a long day is by watching TV along with your family. For this reason designing a cozy and comfortable TV corner or room is all the more important. With so many different decor options available it can be a little challenging to find the ideal one. So to make this choice a bit easy we have collected 22 inspiring designs in our ideabook.

1. Classic layout

Neutral colour interior with wall mounted television is one of the most classiest layouts that you can choose.

2. Wall mounted cabinets

Instead of mounting the television on the wall you can also opt for cabinets to increase your storage and make it look amazing.

3. Touch of colour

Adding a colourful couch can make your space look vibrant.

4. White on white

Opting for a white on white interior is the perfect way to create harmony within your TV corner.

5. Stone wall

Using stones to create a focal wall is the simplest way to make the space look grand.

6. Lounger

Instead of a regular sofa you can opt for modern loungers to make the room more comfortable.

7. Open shelves

Open shelves can also be created around your television to increase storage.

8. Red brick wall

A rustic look can be achieved within your modern TV room by creating a red brick wall.

9. Colourful TV table

An otherwise subtle room can be made to look lively with the help of a colourful TV table.

10. Wall mounted TV

By mounting the television on the wall you can say enough floor space as it eliminates the need for a table.

11. Stone flooring

Natural stone flooring can also be used to make your TV corner look luxurious.

12. Artistic shelves

One can also add an artistic touch to their TV corner by using similar looking colourful and open cabinets.

13. Multi-functional layout

To create a multi-functional layout you can use your open cabinets as a bookshelf. It can make the room ideal for both watching TV as well as reading books.

14. Wooden tables

Wooden tables are another piece of furniture that can give your room a rustic touch.

15. Chandelier

Light fixtures like chandeliers can also help transform your space instantly.

16. Furniture

Instead of opting for dull looking furniture you must choose colourful ones as it can make the room look more dramatic.

17. In-built TV

In-built televisions not only make the corner look good, but it decreases the chances of people bumping into the units as well.

18. Glass cabinet

Transparent glass cabinets like these can blend easily with your existing decor.

19. Entertainment unit

Creating custom entertainment units will give you enough space to store all your gadgets at the same location.

20. Wall art

To make the blank wall look beautiful the designer has added large size embossed paintings.

21. Semi-concealed cabinets

Similar looking semi-enclosed cabinets can be used for both decoration as well as storage.

22. Curio shelves

If you're looking for a simple design then adding a few open curious shelves around your television can be an excellent alternative.

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