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15 Amazing ideas for small gardens

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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An outdoor garden even if small, is a big dream for many of us. It is the ideal place to spend time with our family and friends. A garden can also be used for big or small parties. In case you have a small house then you might think that creating a garden is a worthless effort. But the truth is completely opposite. By reading this ideabook you will be surprised how easy it is to transform your small garden into an incredible haven of peace.

1. Wooden planters

Creating similar looking natural wood planters will give your garden a rustic touch.

2. Shrubs

Instead of trees you can opt for small shrubs for your garden to make it look beautiful.

3. Patio furniture

Small patio furniture pieces like chairs and tables can look good in any garden regardless of its size.

4. Combining elements

By combining different elements like stone and grass you can create your own custom design.

5. Stone designs

Another way to create stone pattern within your garden is by opting for this spiral designs.

6. Stone garden

Traditional stone gardens can be an ideal choice for locations with dry climate.

7. Accessorizing

Accessorizing your small garden with bright looking lamps and cushions can uplift the vibe of the area.

8. Colourful flowers

Colourful flowers can add an elegant touch to your garden without much effort.

9. Walkway

If you are looking to create a walkway within your garden then using natural stone is an excellent option.

10. Cozy ambiance

To create a cozy ambiance in your small garden you can place your chairs under the tree and also incorporate a few lanterns if possible.

11. Fire place

One can also create a small fireplace within the garden using natural stones.

12. Dining table

In case you like to eat outside then adding a sleek looking dining table to your garden is a must.

13. Elevated ground

Le Pres de Bas CCD Architects Patios & Decks
CCD Architects

Le Pres de Bas

CCD Architects

An elevated ground lined with stones can give your small garden a dramatic appeal.

14. A small pool

Moroccan style garden Gullaksen Architects Mediterranean style garden
Gullaksen Architects

Moroccan style garden

Gullaksen Architects

The best way to deal with the harsh summer months is by incorporating a small pool within your garden.

15. Focal wall

Focal walls are not just for interiors. You can create them in your garden with creeper plants. One may also decorate them with mirrors like seen in this picture.

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