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20 Kitchens with marble and granite counter-tops

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The kitchen is a workspace, and it has to incorporate all the necessary resources so that the culinary performance is done under optimum conditions. The hob is a fundamental part of the kitchen design and the materials you choose for it will determine the comfort and optimization level of the platform. Among the requirements that these materials need to meet the most important is resistance to changes in temperature. Using granite or marble for kitchen countertops are a perfect choice due to their strength and hardness. Also, these materials are aesthetically pleasing as well.  

However, you have to keep in mind that not everything is an advantage. Among the weak points of marble is the fact that it is a porous material which can retain spots. To make the cleaning process convenient, it needs to be wiped off as soon as possible with a soft cloth or a sponge. Granite, on the other hand, is similar to marble concerning maintenance.

1. Granite counter top

The game of contrasts usually works quite well in the design of kitchens. The choice of furniture in black stained wood is the perfect element for the granite countertop. The room is complemented by drawers and cabinets of different sizes that allow you to organize correctly. The decorative bell or the open shelf are the elements that give a personality to the room.

2. With a strip of tiles

It should not always be the granite countertop that draws attention within the kitchen. In this case, the strip of tiles in mosaic throughout the kitchen gives it a special char. Wood is again the material chosen for the furniture which is completed with a kitchen island made of granite.

3. Light-colored wood

Beyond the strength and durability of granite kitchens, the thing that makes it unique is that you can find it in different shades as well. If you have chosen furniture in light wood colour, then you can combine it with a sand-coloured countertop.

4. Dark wood furniture

The other option to that we saw in the previous image is to opt for a dark chromatic range. The wood furniture in this U-shaped kitchen blends perfectly with the granite countertop in gray.

5. Using red

The red of the base on which the granite sits gives life to the central island of this kitchen. The strength of the epicenter is completed by the presence of the same colour furniture, which is mostly made of dark wood.

6. Redwood

One can also use shades that expand the chromatic fan without having to dress the room with pure colours. The practical and functional, redwood furniture is accompanied, by a granite worktop in a light colour, which creates an interesting effect in this kitchen.

7. Marble counter top

Elegance is dominant in this kitchen with its wooden furniture and the beautiful marble countertop. The white colour with gray streaks only reinforces the sophistication that is breathed in a perfectly lit space.

8. Stone not just on the counter

Creating only countertops using granite is not essential. Due to its durability and strength, you can use it for other elements in the kitchen as well. In this case, the designer has extended it to create a granite base for the counter.

9. Contrasts

White kitchens are a good option to guarantee cleanliness and hygiene which is necessary for these rooms. However, it is also essential to include some other elements that break the monotony of the absence of colour. In this case, the orange walls highlight the details of steel cabinets and the granite countertop of the island.

10. The kitchen island

This spacious room is loaded with various high character pieces, and one of them is the central island. The same is divided into two well-differentiated areas. On the one hand is the work area which has several drawers as a practical storage solution. Whereas on the other hand, an auxiliary table with granite surface that gives continuity to the material chosen for the hob.

11. Wrapping marble

If you are looking for a kitchen with class, this example is perfect for you. The marble kitchen countertop provides a great touch to the design. Although, it draws attention to the central island. Not only does it serve as a countertop, but it also goes down the sides in a wraparound design which is full of elegance.

12. Granite wall

A good way to exploit the aesthetic aspect of granite within a kitchen is by not limiting it to the worktop. In this case, it has been chosen to cover the wall creating a lovely effect.

13. Dark wood and tiles

Once again we find a kitchen of contrasts. The light granite countertop softens the rest of the décor. The cabinets and drawers in dark walnut colour make this kitchen a very functional and elegant space. The detail of the wall covered with beige and brown tiles is the perfect finishing touch to a kitchen full of charm.

14. Pink granite

The variety of shades in which you can find the granite countertops makes it the perfect material to combine with all kinds of kitchens. This two-colour design, with wood furniture in reddish tones at the bottom and white cabinets in the upper area, makes the worktop an interesting bridge between both.

15. Narrow kitchen

Wood, granite and white furniture are the main features of this design. The photograph offers an overview of a narrow but a very modern and cozy kitchen.

16. Make it stand out

This modern kitchen with industrial dyes is full of life. The sophistication is breathed in every corner thanks to elements such as its linear furniture. The marble island adds an extra space to perform the culinary tasks.

17. With white furniture

Apart from the red capping that adds the colour note to the room, the large central island is also one of the main elements. In addition to providing the kitchen with a full surface for working, it also extends as a countertop creating an area for an express lunch or a quiet breakfast.

18. Double granite worktop

U-shaped kitchens tend to offer a functional and practical space. For example, this is bathed in natural light thanks to the window above the sink area. One of its distinguishing features is, however, the double height granite countertop.

19. Black and gray

Black and gray are the most common colours of granite countertops and this kitchen also combines them with the rest of the furniture. The lower cabinets are black with gray details, while the upper cabinets are lighter. The transparencies of the upper furniture give the design a beautiful finish.

20. A central island

This last design again uses the granite for the worktop, lining of the wall and the central island. The built-in kitchen area has a decorative bell that makes the space a pleasant area to work.

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