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33 Budget friendly renovation ideas for your home

Ritika Tiwari Ritika Tiwari
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Ever so often our body and mind desires certain changes in the decoration style of the house. But this is not always possible due to lack of money and constraints regarding purchasing big products. That is why we at Homify have put together some of the best ideas on how to decorate your house with little money. If you want to fill your head with fresh designs then this ideabook will reveal 33 ways of achieving beautiful changes with little money.

1. Change the kitchen floor

Changing your old kitchen floor using coloured tiles whether hydraulic or imitation will give it a spectacular bohemian look.

2. A bench

Replacing several dining chairs with a bench is not only fashionable but it will also allow you to organize large dinner parties comfortably.

3. Vinyls on the wall

Vinyls are a very creative and economical way of remodeling the house with a little budget.  There are many designs that will give you a surreal experience even without leaving the room.

4. A coloured wall

There is nothing that has a greater impact than changing the colour of a wall. Painting a single wall will be enough to give your house a completely different look.

5. Original shelves

If you want to change the appearance of your bedroom you can choose to make your own shelves with boxes of fruit deformed to your liking as seen in the picture.

6. Strings of light

Do not think garlands and chains of lights are just for Christmas. There are colourful luminaries available that can give your room a very homey air.

7. Fill the wall with memories

What better way to decorate your living room than with pictures of your happy moments. You can also hang other personal items such as art made by your family or friends.

8. Opt for contrasts

By introducing a material with strong contrast to the existing one you can mark a remarkable change. For example, use wooden furniture inside a black and white bathroom with ceramic tiles.

9. Design your own showcase

Just like with the shelves, you can also design your own showcase to display the objects you are most proud about.

10. Providing variety

Choosing furniture of various forms and colours will add some dynamism and joy to your house. That is why designers of this room opted for dining chairs of different colours.

11. Some subtle details

If you are looking for a subtle and delicate change in your bedroom then perhaps you can use a painted wooden plank in the form of a headboard.

12. A brick wall

With a little more expenditure you can create a brick wall that will give your house a very industrial look.

13. Play a little bit

HOTEL CAL REIET – THE MAIN HOUSE Bloomint design Mediterranean style bedroom
Bloomint design


Bloomint design

Building a swing in your own bedroom can be a fun way of transforming the space.  Of course, you have to make sure that the structure will withstand the weight and the movement of the swing.

14. Kitchen backsplash

This kitchen would not be the same without those words in front of the sink. They are loose words with different typography. You can also opt for messages that motivate you and fill you with energy each morning.

15. Chalk wall

If you are one of those who draws on the bar napkins, then it may not be a bad idea to design a wall at home where you can write with chalk to unleash your imagination.

16. Launch the DIY

One can also get some ideas from Pinterest to launch their own world of DIY. Get down to cutting and pasting to create your own ornaments.

17. Storage hooks

Not everything has to be kept in the drawers hidden from our view. The utensils can hang from bars like the ones in the picture so that it is much faster to access when required.

18. Decorate with plants

For decorating your house with little money you can also choose plants. They are one of the most graceful and inexpensive items that you can use. Give your home lots of freshness and joy by making all the different combinations you want.

19. Do you like maps?

Placing a great headboard map can be one of the most creative ways of decorating a house with little money in an instance.

20. Wallpaper

Lily Pond homify Walls

Lily Pond


We have already know that wallpaper has immense power. It is economical, easy to assemble and also very powerful when it comes to changing the image of a room.

21. Recycled furniture

If you have old chairs that you can not stand anymore then give them another chance by using colours. Paint them with vibrant tones and see the difference yourself.

22. Paints on wood

Shoaling Fish Jo Downs Modern bathroom
Jo Downs

Shoaling Fish

Jo Downs

The wooden walls are gorgeous but if you dare to paint them with your own designs, they will be even more valuable.

23. New coat rack for entry

Wondering how to decorate a house with little money? Then change the way you receive your guests. A new coat rack could be a good choice for the same purpose.

24. Original mirrors

You can hang an original mirror within your bathroom to make it look difference. Treating it like any other room of the house will allow you to design it perfectly.

25. Remember the balcony

If you have a balcony that is full of junk then it is time to start cleaning. You can also buy nice pieces of furniture without spending a lot of money.

26. Hanging chairs

Similar to swings one can also use hanging chairs within their bedroom.

27. Paint the walls yourself

If you want to create an dream world, then you can unleash your imaginations on the blank walls of the house.

28. A watch that attracts all eyes

Sometimes a simple piece of furniture or a decorative element can make a huge  difference in the room.  In this case it is the unique wall clock.

29. Vertical gardens

For those who do not have much space on the floor to place pots then creating a vertical garden is a good alternative.

30. Paper adornments

Let's go back to DIY. In this case we look at paper ornaments you can create yourself.

31. Design a new order

What better than changing the air of your house by cleaning the clutter. Buy some nice boxes and start the winter cleaning soon.

32. New lamps

Without spending a lot of money, think about buying some new lamps that will give any room a refreshed image.

33. The carpets are back

If you had them stored then it's time to dust the carpets off and put them back in the room.  It will add a little warmth and colours to your decor.

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