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10 Beautiful seating arrangements for your garden

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From yellow plastic chairs to chunky rattan furniture one has to find the perfect balance. The best way to make your space look beautiful is by creating a great sitting corner in the garden. It can be the ideal place for relaxing outdoor. Fortunately, there are countless ideas on how to make this area inviting and cozy. We introduce you to ten brilliant designs, which will surely inspire you. Whether wood or stone, small or large, traditional or modern, there is always something for everyone.

1. Garden house reinterpreted

A garden house is only used to place the tools and other little things. But what if you say goodbye to two walls and use the rest of your house as a cozy sitting corner. Wooden construction with a roof and two side walls offer the ideal place for sitting a group. Protected from the wind and weather, you will still be in close contact with your garden.

2. Rustic and cozy

Proyectos de interiorismo varios estudio 60/75 Modern living room
estudio 60/75

Proyectos de interiorismo varios

estudio 60/75

This picture is the perfect example of quintessence and coziness. The ancient stone walls immerse everything in a traditional flair. However, thanks to the large opening you can still enjoy the view of the magnificent garden. On the large corner couch with numerous pillows, one can dream wonderfully. While in the evening, everything is dipped in soft candlelight creating the perfect ambiance.

3. Fresh colours

The use of vibrant colours makes this area feel well lit and slightly airier. Turquoise and yellow are the predominant tones, which spreads the summer mood. A combination of benches and Acapulco chairs offer great sitting. The tense sun sails protect against bad weather and make the entire sitting area for garden more comfortable.

4. A touch of Ibiza

The classic pergola cannot be missed. But we often find that such bare wooden frames can be a bit spoiled. The best way to protect them is by using a large cloth made of light fabric, which in no time will create an Ibiza like ambiance. In this picture, you can also see the beautiful pool, comfortable garden furniture and potted planting for creating a holiday mood.

5. Mediterranean flair

One can also create a Mediterranean look for the garden sitting. A construction made of natural stone provides the right flair. It also offers wind and sun protection. The roof is covered with Bieber tails, which are very popular in Germany. But they also occur frequently in the southern parts of the region. Terracotta pots and an old bicycle are the ideal accessories to decorate sitting area of your garden.

6. Straightforward comfort

RHS Cardiff 2015 Best4hedging Modern Garden

RHS Cardiff 2015


The colour combination of black, brown and gray along with the linear design gives this place a timeless look. The austerity is solved with a particular highlight in the form of a meadow roofed sitting area. In the pavilion itself, an impressive hanging construction of the table and benches offer a place to sit, where you can relax under the sun.

7. Place for all

For those who always have a lot of visitors or are part of a large family, then this concept is the perfect solution. It showcases an oversized couch is placed in a square shape around a large table. In the middle of this eating is an ethanol fireplace. Behind the cushions or backrest is lush green plants. It is so comfortable that you are guaranteed to spend most of your time in this beautiful garden. On these huge sofas, you can also conduct large diners comfortably. You can also create a round sitting area for garden instead of a square one.

8. Stylishly sunbathing

This ensemble of covered loungers and an open terrace also offers a lot of space. Here you can choose your favorite sitting according to your preferences. You can either face left for a bright feel or right to be away from direct light. Thanks to an excellent combination of dark wood and light textiles, everything is possible and will happen extremely stylishly.

9. North German alternative

Not everyone needs so much space or can own a huge garden. We also have ideas for the smaller caliber like the sun lounger or beach basket. The idea is not new, but it is still trendy. These sitting arrangements offer comfort and therefore is especially suitable for small gardens. They include both sun protection as well as a storage space. With a patterned cover, they become an eye-catching feature.

10. Enjoy oriental

This captivating deck area with canopy can conjure an oriental flair into every garden. Thanks to its light weight and simple construction, it is perfect as a temporary seat or when the position needs to be frequently changed. Together with the beautiful planting, you can relax while watching the sky.

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